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  1. i got my code but my friend has been busy in real life so he hasnt been on the xbox in a few days to receive it
  2. i hope their will be but i highly doubt it
  3. good work thank god your not a 256
  4. Fallcon

    Insane Mode

    Srs thread is srs
  5. Have to do every level in the game.
  6. of course, also people leaving matches doesnt give you a win.
  7. Necromancer is WAY cooler looking than the wizard, but if we got the Evil Wizard instead of the Cult minion that would be Cool.
  8. Great we got a reply from Dan, thanks
  9. Just host your own game , kick anyone with a ''No bar connection'' and if they say they are 256'rs which they usually do to brag about kick them too, then if the game starts and theirs a 256'r you didnt know about KICK