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  1. I Did It u Guys If U Beat The Game With every1 And Get The Gold Skull With Every1 U can Dig up That Hole. remember there waz a hole At The End Of The Game the arrow guy is gone now. Once U Do the Beaver Boss Comes Out And Breaks up the Party And Then the Screen goes Black crazy Huh.
  2. sad thing is people who do it know there crap. i would play a guy that is god at juggling but when we play in beefy he gets raped beefy is more skill then arena any1 agree. like ya i know if they put u in the air with the combo its cheep but atleast u can get out of it and have a chance all u have to do is block. arena mode all they do if spam the magic jump they do the combo and then tornado u when ur on the ground. i dont feel people who do that even should think there pro cuz its cheep and ur cheep for doing it. and response to the guy with marvel vs capcom 2 there is 2 many cheep players in that game
  3. if ur in the corner and get the combo its done. so people who say that u cant kill sum1 with 1 is wrong.
  4. They probably don't suck if they can beat you Just because you haven't mastered the dodging technique, doesn't mean you can' block them. Practice, and then you'll beat them No if u vs a guy that knows how to keep u in that combo ur done ok its cheep - like juggiling is fair but infinite is just cheep. i can beat those guys but if im in the corner and they hit me up its ko patch it now dan p
  5. Those people are just fast. You do have a chance to get out of it as long as you are not by any corners. I wouldn't say they are bad at the game, I'd say they just know what they are doing. Haven't you ever juggle during the main story mode before? ya but story mode is fun u can do it and not get called a noob. - but online is gotta be fun and if it waz my first time playing crashers and some guy did that to me i swear i would never play it again
  6. Ya u guys know it - there are people who just mess up the game keep juggiling them in the air knowing u cant block those people suck at crashers
  7. lol u know the sad thing is u guys are styll whining about it its the beaver if u cant tell a beaver from a cyclops lmfao go to SCHOOL im done with this topic so i wont be back on it to see moron replies latz
  8. Apparently you seem to know more about CC2 than the creators themselves, who's making this game? You or them? If DanP says there won't be a sequel, you better believe it. Now stop acting like a know-it-all and move on. Are U Guys Nerds Just Asking Ok Let Me Tell U Guys Sumthing If they Never make A sequel To This Game Well Good Luck cuz Ur Not Gonna Get Far. 1. The 3 game Looks Weird And Alot Of People Are Not gonna Like It. U Want To Know y because there Used to Alien Hominid Shooting Slashing With Ur Sword. And Castle Crashers Fighting online Ok. So when Dan P And His Company Find Out that castle made Way more then Game 3 guess Wat noob guess Wat CASTLE CRASHERS 2 will be made P.s GET a LIFE
  9. First of all, there was no lightsaber in GoW, so that proves nothing. Second of all, http://www.darwinawards.com/ better bookmark this website, one day you'll be featured on it. Lol i said the game has a lightsaber meaning that they can basicaly copy any game like how smart are u. stick to the topic like wow is it that hard u know wat i found out u guys are not castle crasher fans u guys are just nerds staying on the computer cuz ya have no life. administer if u see this u can cleerly tell who started it
  10. denny ur lost in ur own world. wake up ok u have no life.