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  1. BigLilCheater

    Insane mode!

    Need help my gamertag is biglilcheater, send me a friend request I am at the desert level
  2. BigLilCheater

    ITT:List all of the characters you've unlocked

    Is it something wrong with your harddrive? You know that the game doesn't save until you go into the world map. Oh i know that. And when i look in the game data there are no saves. And i keep losing my saves because it keeps copying other peoples people bit thats over now...
  3. BigLilCheater

    real ps3 video?

    I'm gonna point out theres no telling when BBT will come out on the PS3 so i too doubt there will be one.
  4. BigLilCheater

    need a patch

    Some people are just looking for 256 saves they can copy
  5. BigLilCheater

    need a patch

    I would love it for it to be patched as I have lost my characters 3 times now and playing again.... Just need to beat the ice arena so i can get him and get my brute... Just after i am un grounded :/
  6. BigLilCheater

    Rift in the Space Time Continuum

    You cant pick it up i have tried. And dont pick up the no sword when it is dropped it freezes your xbox
  7. BigLilCheater

    volleyball for 360 plz?

    I actually might get the PS3 verion just because this mode looks so AWESOME!
  8. BigLilCheater

    real ps3 video?

    That = WIN. Or maybe some new character that has to do with BBT? Hmmm? Like the conehead unlocks a blockhead. See a connection? I know I do. Well I dont think there be any of that in the PS3 version but i am sure we will be getting some cool extra characters in BBT for owning castle crashers maybe alien hominid also.
  9. BigLilCheater

    ITT:List all of the characters you've unlocked

    Id be able to awnser this if my game save kept getting lost
  10. BigLilCheater

    real ps3 video?

    Just a guess but in the PS3 version maybe you unlock the Alien by beating the game as the conehead?
  11. BigLilCheater

    What should every knights weapon and pet be?

    Why not the chicken as a pet instead? Darn it, now we need kernel in the game .
  12. BigLilCheater

    the stupidest knight's topic.dlc topic parody

    A suicide bomber. All attacks make him explode, killing him and his foes.
  13. You decide. Like The Blue Knight should have the ice sword and yeti, Icekimo With a harpoon and Pelter (lol). And the orange knight with the dragon sword and dragon, E.t.c. One thing that is bothering me is what should the Industrialists pet be, I can't think of anything. I good weapon for him would be the chainsaw. Post what you think are the best combinations!
  14. BigLilCheater

    New Boss castle crashers 2 and more

    Jesus! ever hear of proper grammar? EVERYTHING IS SPELLED WRONG! its not a beaver, that's an eye. and there are little white things under it that could be confused as beaver teeth. And i do see where it could be confused as a nose. Its just the cyclops in a trench coat making him appear smaller. And he didn't take the orange princess....... He took the Green one CLEARLY. Clearly in both pictures its the green princess. which you claim is the orange princess. I think I made my point.
  15. BigLilCheater

    Anyone wanna crash some castles?

    Dude your signature is like creepy.... Anyway, back on topic!