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  1. currently CC and BBT are 75% off or $6.24 in the Can't Stop Laughing bundle. at one point they were 90% off or 2.49. I bought it when it was $2.49. sorry
  2. I agree with you except maybe on the Valve part. Sure Valve is cool but I think I like The Behemoth better.
  3. I tried getting into the beta but when I finally checked my email for the invite(someone had invited me), it was over I had checked the night they mentioned it but I hadn't got the email yet. would there be any luck for me? I still have the email if you guys want proof.
  4. I say that rule should only apply to four smileys in a row
  5. I always skip that one. maybe your disc is buggered.
  6. this topic made me think of something: maybe The Behemoth can either host or set up "community playdates" where Behemites can play games together. The games can be marked on the calender.
  7. I know that. that's why I added the last part of my post:
  8. Has anyone else hear about this game? For those who haven't, it's a zombie game set (obviously) on an island. this is what info I found so far: the plot: A recently married couple, flying to a vacation of their dreams, is torn apart when their plane crashes on a remote pacific island. The player, a man named Mike Jennings, must find his lost wife in a zombie infested island, as well as find out what caused the zombie outbreak and deal with the various other human factions that inhabit the island. release date: Unknown. it has been in production for awhile, but was stopped due to Techland working on Call of Juarez: bound in Blood. official website: (currently under construction, no foreseeable release date) trailer: ... land/23848 (ignore the 2008 release date at the end) ... multilayer damage demo) screen shots: ... ad-island/ ... reenshots/ ... 42713.html interview: ... h-version/ other info: - The game features a sandbox style gameplay on a tropical island separated by loading screens. - The game features a multilayer damage system. - There is a number of human factions that the player can join or be hostile with, these include the Military and Bandits. - The main zombies are the George A Romero's slow walking zombies, but there is however more than one type of zombie. - The game is more focused on melee combat, the player can pick up almost anything and use it as a weapon, (e.g. picking up a glass cup on a table and throwing it at a zombie) there are firearms but ammo will be hard to find to give the game more of a survival horror feel. - There might be multiple endings. - The developers have mentioned co-op Personally, I think this game sounds awesome. It sounds like an FPS Dead rising(another awesome game) that's set on an island. I like that there's no MP yet(which means single player achievements ), though I definitely wouldn't mind some co-op. about the only thing can beat it is a The Behemoth zombie game (as a side note, I am not trying to give The Behemoth Ideas for games, so they can use it all they want it's too generic to be an idea anyway ). If you haven't noticed, I love zombies, emotes and The Behemoth . Please note that zombies are fictional I created this topic because the other one got derailed so lock the other one(which hasn't had a post in 2 months) please.(I'll delete this part once it's locked)
  9. I'm looking for people to get Glork and Arena Master. they're the last two achievements that I need to complete Castle Crashers. Please don't lynch me for wanting to boost my gamertag is royal prawn.
  10. I liked the demo, but didn't buy it because of lack of funds
  11. true, the castle crasher campaign(both SP and MP) achievement were pretty easy. I'd like the achievement difficulty to be akin to, say, Bioshock's. it wasn't too difficult, but some I had to try for(specifically ) I put the spoilers because I think the achievement is secret, so read at your discretion
  12. not sure how accurate this is, but here are some ranks: COPIED FROM CHOMP0'S DIRECTORY Eggie Level 0 - 0 Posts Hatchling Level 1 - 5 Posts Hatchling Level 2 - 10 Posts Hatchling Level 3 - 20 Posts Hatchling Level 4 - 50 Posts Hatchling Level 5 - 100 Posts Chicken Lover Level 1 - 200 Posts Chicken Lover Level 2 - 300 Posts* Chicken Lover Level 3 - 300 Posts* Chicken Lover Level 4 - 400 Posts Chicken Lover Level 5 - 500 Posts Elder Chicken Level 1 - 750 Posts Elder Chicken Level 2 - 1000 Posts Elder Chicken Level 3 - 1500 Posts Elder Chicken Level 4 - 2000 Posts Elder Chicken Level 5 - 2500 Posts *There is an error on the scale,which makes levels 2 and 3 both 300,it will be fixed I copied that from a topic I made
  13. if you have the 360 version, you can delete the DLC so you can play with your cousin. you could do it with the ps3 version, but you can download it a total of 5 times before paying for it again. with the 360, you can download it as many times as you want.
  14. has anyone played it? I like it, mostly for the map editor. We could play/share maps together I have a bunch. most of my maps are ones I made myself, though I made my own version of shipment. I also use the map editor to help with writing