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  1. TheGreatPUDDING

    Team Fortress 2

    Yay,I got the Pyro hat.
  2. TheGreatPUDDING

    Its a free game site! oh teh noez!!!

    Its Ok,but you have to pay to do a lot of stuff.
  3. TheGreatPUDDING

    Halo 3: ODST

    I just watched it now. All I can say is, that deserves to be a real movie, because that was so amazingly awesome it blew my mind. Literally, blew my mind! i love the commercial so much that i recorded it on my DVR It beats watching a commercial about brownies everytime I watch something on Screwattack.
  4. TheGreatPUDDING

    Cool band or not? Now more forum gamier version!

    So-so. Nuclear Assault.
  5. TheGreatPUDDING

    Fallout 3

    How? What?...WHERE? 50% off Steam special. This week Braid is $5.
  6. TheGreatPUDDING


    Nexuiz,a free Quake style FPS. Link -
  7. TheGreatPUDDING

    Games You Hate

    Sometimes not changing a lot but adding more is a good thing,as long as there are some changes and its not a complete re-hash like Madden and Guitar Hero.The formula works,so why change it? Just my opinion.
  8. TheGreatPUDDING

    Smileys Vs. Emoticons: Who will win?

  9. TheGreatPUDDING

    <-Faviorte Arcade Games->

    N+ Castle Crashers Duke Nukem 3D Undertow Assault Heroes
  10. TheGreatPUDDING

    section 8 is it a cool or is it stupid?

    From what I've seen Section 8 gets an 8,I might rent it or buy it when its cheaper.
  11. TheGreatPUDDING

    Half-Life 2

    Anyone ever played through Ravenholm with a chainsaw?
  12. TheGreatPUDDING

    Favorite princess?

    Orange or Blue.
  13. TheGreatPUDDING

    Metroid Metal

    Epic,wish I would have been there.
  14. TheGreatPUDDING

    Top 10 Zombie Games

    Zombie Master,a free Half Life 2 mod where 1 player spawns zombies and moves them while the players have to survive or escape or something along those lines.
  15. TheGreatPUDDING

    Fallout 3

    I got it for $25 and played for 150 hours.Definitely worth the money.