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  1. Haha. Seems like every generation of users has a lack of activity. Makes me feel twice my age to think about.
  2. Yo! I've got a pretty important post for this one. So it's been a while since I put any Art of on TBF. By now means am I ashamed of my old art, but compared to the relatively little amount of drawing knowledge I've gained, I've slightly improved over the years. That being said, for anyone who's interested, below is a link to my DeviantArt and Newgrounds threads where I will post my more up-to-date, but still slightly old drawings, animations, studies, etc. for people to critique. I wish to improve my skills so that I'll be able to crank out high quality works in faster amounts of time and I could use all the help I can get. By the way, if anyone was ever curious. TheTPRI has always meant "The Psycho Ragdoll Imagination" but for some reason I put two "The's" in there. Thanks for your time folks! OH, one more thing! Not sure if I shared before or not, but check out these old Behemoth inspired animations I did in 2012:
  3. Not sure if you all are being serious or not, but I think the best way to get a girlfriend is to not worry about girls. It's a pretty common statement, but most girls have TONS of guys approaching them so they're used to being, I guess 'hit on', pretty frequently. I know there are some guys who wish they had the confidence to go out there and compliment every girl they walk past, but the truth is if you have time to do that so frequently, then I imagine that the women you're trying to gain the attention of sees that you don't have much going on for yourself. I'm not saying anyone here does that, but from me observing my surroundings everyday I see this happen quite often. Become the best you can be and always try to show your best efforts. That way you won't have to do all the chasing...I will admit however, it's always best to get the practice of socializing with people you find attractive and who catch your interest, and it doesn't always have to be someone you have to try dating. A wise comedian once said, "You don't wait for the one, You practice for the one." It has multiple uses of course, but for this moment it's more on socializing. I may not have ever had a girlfriend in the past, but that doesn't mean I've never had the opportunity. And I'm better at making friends than I'd like to believe. By the way ignore Pick-ups Artists, those guys will steer you in the wrong direction.
  4. "Naruto is like, The Simpsons of Anime!" - Myself, Just Now. I can quote myself... Okay so, this one is for all the people who like...anything. I honestly expect this game to bomb, but I like the premise of it. The rules are simple, you just say: "Did you guys/gals know that ______ is just like Naruto because ______?," And then you give the most ridiculous reason you can think of. Non-existent bonus points are given if people can get the reference you made. Since this was my idea, I'll start: "Did you know that Eren Yeager is just like Naruto because he's protecting the Village Hidden in the Walls?"
  5. Indeed I remember you! You're actually on my updated list of "People-I-remember-and-was-just-about-send-a-message-to!"...All one word! Glad to see you're still on here. I'm not sure if I had the name Ryuken104 when we met, but that's what most people know me as.
  6. TLDR I think we do okay regarding newer members here. We could do more to keep people around, but on the whole I don't think we're an overly nasty community at all Also I think this is super important so I'm quoting it to highlight it again: Lol that whole post made it sound like some of the oldies were giving you guys swirlys. Not gonna lie, that sounds like a ridiculous type of funny, but if that ever was the case that'd be very disappointing. But you, I think I know just what can bring some life back into this community! Just one four letter word that every good community needs. ...No, it's not Love! It's Hype!
  7. Thank you everyone, and it's nice to meet all of you! Glad to see the positivity is still maintained throughout all the years I've been away from this place! I honestly probably won't be on here as often as you might imagine unfortunately, but whether we have a history or not, you all can feel free to E-Mail me to have a discussion about anything you like! Or if that sounds too old school (I'm only 19, that's like Pre-Old), I'll just shameless plug my tumblr here since that's something I've been using a bit more frequently. Please keep in mind I still don't know a lot about that site, but it looks decent for socializing. I'll do my best to pop every now and again though, and we can all get to know each other better!
  8. Well, briefly anyway! Goooooodmorning Fellow Behemoth Members! TheTPRI here, mostly called and better formerly known as Ryuken104 has made a slight return! But to all you newer members out there, you're probably asking "Just who is this amazing chap?" Well I can tell you! Some X years ago, I was just a newcomer to this site, I hadn't many friends when I first joined, but I quickly met a bunch of other awesome people who I can't quite describe, but I can surely list off. Let's see now, there was: Bloob Babbity_Rabbity Dexide Da Milk Man Mechazeep Scaler193 Xemna768 Roy-G-Biv Dropped Your Pocket Scarabix Isco Rizyq Basilisco Mabelma SushiGummy Chris Zugama daikonboy101 Abyssmal Cookie Complicated Sarah FEL CastleCrashingGugu Gamefemale/Mangle Mr. Welldone R34PER 1337m33p ThePieGuy Roflcopter Xelrog T. Apocalypse Grim Reaper The Mad Fiddler Mr. Hatty Draken Korin404 And probably so many more that aren't coming to mind right now unfortunately...This is Version 2.0 by the way! But this isn't about them right now it's about me, haha! Renewed, Shrewd, and a Total Dude! I was hoping to get this message off my chest like yesterday! Anyway, down to the serious bits. Look: For anyone that knows my character and who I am from the past, the fact of the matter is that I'm a total goofball. I was very young and immature and may have said some things that got pretty annoying. Hell, I still can be all of those things. Whether I'd like to think so or not, this site and the people I've interacted with have effected my life in the past in so many subconscious ways. Interacting with each and every single one of the people I've listed above, and more, is something that I think I really messed up on in my younger years. I already know I was a pretty crazy kid. I'm not sorry for anything I may have said at all, really, but I am kind of sorry that I left, because I left people whom I considered friends, or at the very least acquiantances, because I can't define our relationship alone--I need you to do that. Umm, I know the odds are I'll never see or hear from a lot of you again, and on the inside that hurts a little bit, because you might never see this message, but if you do choose to turn on the computer, and get a sense of that old Behemoth Forums Nostalgia, this message will be here. I promise. I never want to lose friends growing up, even if it's ones that are halfway across the world. That being said, if you ever want to contact good 'ol Ryuken, or TheTPRI, here's my E-Mail: I trust it won't fall in the wrong hands and it's the best way to contact me! And as for all you newer Behemoth Members, I hope you're enjoying your stay!
  9. Long time no see again people! Yours truly has re-arrived and he needs you, yes, YOU for an important task! Now, I know for a fact this place has been populated by many talented artists and animators, and even though I may not have gotten along with everyone from time to time, I need everyone to give me advice... I, lack discipline, but I make up for it by being eager to learn, especially things that are of interest to me, and as the title oh so clearly reveals, I absolutely enjoy Art n' Animation! Yessir, so please, if any of you would be willing to share with me your tricks of the trade, your tips and styles, I would be extremely thankful. I would not complain about any of the advice given, because I know that deep down, I can learn from anyone who's willing to teach me. Thank you for your time.
  10. Wazzuuuuuuuuuuuuuup?!

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  11. Soooooo...How did you get the name Blobman000?

  12. Hey what's goin' on Bloober from another...Moober?

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