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  1. Hey, it's that guy everyone hates. Say hi! It's Fel I guess that answers my question.
  2. Is this forum the same old "i hate my life humanity is [redacted], animals ftw" thing?
  3. Didn't think you guys really expected Capcom to make a game that they can't dime and nickel.
  4. Pretty weird standards for what the "greatest cartoon ever" is.
  5. I always thought it was an incredibly generic show with a pleasing aesthetic.
  6. Uhh, no. That analogy doesn't work at all. Mainly because I never said anything about rules in a game. I was talking about how the communities of a genre accept something in them. Last I checked, there aren't any features that both Pikmin and Starcraft both share have that are complained about in one and not the other. Keep grasping at straws and changing what people said to make a point, Balobo. ...I'm not changing what you're saying, changing your bullshit probably would help you more in the long run. You're saying that, because other games have cheap combos, we should just accept this and refrain from doing anything that would prevent this game from being a mindless jugglefest. Essentially, you're implying all games should share flaws because the community for one game is exploiting that game's flaw.
  7. It's not that hard to surpass the PS3 graphically. Almost all mid-range PCs surpass the PS3 in power. That being said, it better surpass the 360 and PS3 by a significant margin if they want third parties to support them.
  8. So all games should be the same and follow the same rules? That seems a little boring to me but if that's how you like your games then I can't change your opinion. Pikmin should follow Starcraft rules because they're both RTS games.
  9. Is juggling seriously such a competitive strategy? Both users doing the same exact repetitive move is competitive? I'm pretty glad I'm not a competitive player then. I like variety and fun.
  10. So you only find interest in the game because you have a cheap advantage over the other players? Not because of the actual quality of the game itself?
  11. That's some loving poopy logic. If you're not going to recommend a good game because it doesn't have juggling in it, you're really not a good fan anyways. Companies can do much better than cater to you.
  12. They would find out pretty easily by just watching some of the tournament videos.
  13. I think it's obvious enough that you don't believe juggling is unfair.
  14. I think you answered your own question. Naturally. While they didn't complain, Dan has expressed interest in increasing the gravity on juggled opponents after seeing the jugglefest tournament.