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  1. That's not what you said in the Black Ops thread.
  2. "I hate bread, but there's this one kind of bread that has crust slightly darker than other bread... I like that bread."
  3. bump Unwound Future comes out in 16 days.
  4. I have never seen a professor layton here, i doubt i get to see it, however my ds is been in a corner for a while, maybe if i see the game i will try the series, everyone loves layton Good thing DS has no region-locking. You should try eBay or somethin'.
  5. I hear Professor Layton and the Unwound Future is coming out around the same time as Halo Reach.
  6. If they wanted decent map customization, they wouldn't be playing Halo.
  7. Forge doesn't have NPCs or weather. lol
  8. Forge World seems pretty "meh" to me. Of course, this is the feature I'm most looking forward too, considering the campaign will probably be 4-5 hours long again.
  9. But we need a place for the hooligans to live. They're NOT sleeping on the couch.
  10. The hooligans are finally getting their game
  11. Give it's continued success over the years, I don't think you could argue that Pokemon was a "fad." I agree about the hypocrisy stuff though. I guess fads can last 14+ years.
  12. 30/30 of us have computers. I don't see why it'd need to be marketplace accessible, just having a live stream online would be fine. My computer isn't a computer. He's a human.
  13. I believe you mean Video Marketplace and the Playstation Network store. Not all of us have a X-Box. 9/10s of us have "X-Box". *29/30s
  14. Well, I don't know much about the 360 slim, but the old 360s have like over a 50% red ring rate. They haven't had that rate for a couple years now. Also, the Slim uses the same exact Jasper chipset at the fat one.
  15. I wouldn't lose hope just yet. Sure, it took a long time for The Diabolical Box to release, but from what I hear, Level-5 is opening a building somewhere in America, which will most definitely mean the games will release more frequently. Also, I think Miracle Mask is going to be a launch game for the 3DS. No, I WANT Specter's Flute before Mask of Miracles.
  16. SEGA said something about Sonic Colors targeting children from 7-12.
  17. Is this someone a female? Its me. He just can't get over the fact that I'm so much more handsome than he. What are your secrets?
  18. If you bought Alien Hominid at release, you're more oldschool than anybody else.