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  1. You sure like to brag about PC gaming huh? He's a fanboy. He's not going to stop.
  2. MW2's campaign really isn't that bad, but I'm pointing at the fact that it's so goddamn short. For my FPS needs, I bought the Orange Box, a much better game(s). But, to be honest, I have nothing against MW2, but it's the people that are raving over it when tons of better games are now going unnoticed. Not to mention that I find barely any enjoyment in a mostly multiplayer game. I bought Halo, but I found myself to be extremely bored with it. I'm not going to go buying it on my own, though. If one of you would wish to buy it for me, that might change my whole opinion on it. But right now, I'm going to spend my 60 dollars on L4D2.
  3. Who plays shooters for campaigns??? Seriously. Its the multiplayer that got everyone. If you look at the Halo 3 campaign it sucks balloon! (IMO). That and the Halo campaign isn't very long either.Almost forgot again.... I was just waiting for an idiotic response like that. Why must a game that's so great have to hide its faults with a multiplayer mode? It doesn't make sense. This game isn't anywhere near perfect, and I've played dozens of better games.
  4. MW2 is just another generic FPS with a 5-6 hour campaign. Too short for 60 dollars imo. Plus, it doesn't really matter if a lot of users moved towards MW2, as there are millions of other Xbox Live users, chances you'll not be able to find a match in a popular game is unlikely. And, commenting on the whole Banjo-Kazooie thing, I would rather pay 30 dollars for a few thousand MS points than pay 60 dollars for MW2. Banjo-Kazooie - 10 hour campaign Banjo-Tooie - 20 hour campaign Modern Warfare 2 - 6 hour campaign
  5. 1. thats the most random thing i have ever heard 2. How does that relate to the topic? What really NEEDS to be related to this topic? The only thing that's happening in this topic is you whining about Game 3 never coming to your precious Wii. Your best bet is to get a 360, a much better console than the Wii [futureflamewarLOL/]
  6. No, I'm afraid that's a sequel. OH! He meant sequel! Nvm.
  7. *proves you wrong* You can buy a USB thing to make your computer wireless. I know you have a router, because you aren't complaining about the Wii's online play. Move the modem and router near the Xbox. Plug it in via ethernet.
  8. I'll probably be getting it. I have the original, aswell.
  9. Behemoth games are too great for the Wii. I'm surprised that some consoles can withstand their awesomeness. But, yeah, I'm disappointed also. We're going broke because I bought an Xbox 360 recently. We still haven't even gotten internet, which will cost another couple hundred bucks. All that just for the Behemoth's games. Because none of them are on Wii. Make your computer wireless, then move the router and modem near the Xbox 360. Plug it in by ethernet. It's that easy.
  10. I've been a Behemoth fan since Alien Hominid. My lack of a 360 has been keeping me from playing the latest Behemoth game, Castle Crashers. I am getting a 360 in about a month, and is there a better game to start out with than Castle Crashers? No. I know I'm one day late for the party, but isn't this event big enough to last the whole week? Give me code and i luv u long tiem