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  1. Even worse - it's an Xbox Live gaming clan. Also, if you guys actually played some good games then I might have been slightly interested. Meh, you think I have anything better to do at 12:00 pm then play michael myers 12 PM? As in, 12 Noon? You could be doing a lot of better things.
  2. Even worse - it's an Xbox Live gaming clan. Also, if you guys actually played some good games then I might have been slightly interested.
  3. Looks like... SEGA does what Nintendon't.
  4. Haha, I come back a couple hours later to find three new messages.
  5. I don't know who to ask for an invite so if you have an invite, please PM me and I will supply you with my email.
  6. Watching this... yeah, increasing gravity on juggled players would be a welcome change.
  7. So umm... Cave Story 3D announced. It's now a 2.5D platformer/shooter.
  8. I just thought they were running around looking for an opportunity to juggle the other person to death.
  9. You also claim that you've been killed in 1 combo tons of times. Your word doesn't seem to count for much. You even tried juggling me that one time I played you and you could barely keep me in the air for 2 seconds. Clearly it takes more skill than you like to imagine it does. Whatever, I'll say that it involves skill but doesn't involve tactics or planning. which kind of halves the amount of skill it needs
  10. Because he is exceptionally good at comboing >_>. Seriously, it was either you or another person whose argument was that anyone can juggle and be unfair but you choose not to because it ruins the game. And now you point out how one person can do it noticeably better than almost every other person at it. Which implies this person is more skilled at it, which ruins any arguments of juggling requiring no skill. I've seen tons of people do it like that.
  11. This should be called the "Castle Juggling" tournament. The next tournament should be called the Castle Crashing tournament, where each player is forced to use more than one combo. Joking, but anyways, congrats.
  12. Don't EVER tell him to be the cockiest illegitimate child on this game. It's annoying when he goes to threads saying "i'm da best at castle crasherz ill pwn u." I don't care if it's an attempt to be humble, please don't ever say that.
  13. Wait seriously? Wait, were all those rounds where I was killed in one juggle all lies?
  14. Sprite comics suck, just draw like the rest of us.
  15. Did they use more than one combo? You really need to get off this man. I take that as a "no". Which means that it doesn't have the potential to be the best one in the tournament.
  16. I still prefer the old Rare games on N64 style a lot more.. =/ Yes, we all do. But that doesn't change the fact that their games this gen are very high quality and rival some of Sony's best exclusives.
  17. +Crackdown +Dead Rising +Viva PiƱata (meh?) +All Rare titles Viva pinata = Lol And Microsoft kinda ruined Rare :/ It would be so awesome to have another Banjo Kazooie (Not a Microsoft Banjo with vehicules and all..) Or a Conker Bad Fur Day 2 To be honest I never played Crackdown and Dead Rising, this is why I haven't mentionned them. Viva Pinata is great and all Rare's games this gen (with the exception of Kinect Sports) have been above average.
  18. I'm being completely honest; magic/arrow spamming matches are more fun to me than juggle fests.
  19. I'll just go with the Diving Spin. If you're referring to the "run and press Y" move then I'm sorry to say that this isn't complicated at all. That wasn't what I was talking about. Also, pressing X+Y+Y+Y is totally complicated amirite?
  20. I'll just go with the Diving Spin.
  21. "Useless tactics" as in more elaborate and difficult to pull off than juggling? I think this was discussed earlier in the topic. It was said that even though doing an XYY combo in the air isn't particularly hard itself, it is the hardest single tactic in the game to do and therefore deserves to be the strongest tactic in the game. This isn't even arguable since the only things that compete with it at difficulty are ground YYY combos or something that take no time to set up and don't take any practice to be able to do. sorry you lost me at the "hardest single tactic" part. Please elaborate.
  22. Is Jan 28 the last day to get on the leaderboards or do you have to get on there before then?