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  1. I suspect SushiGummy's going to give me a warning for disturbing the peace now.
  2. And your weeaboo nature is rather annoying 99% of the time, too.
  3. i like japanese Shes a weeboo. I just wanted to avoid calling her a weeaboo... even though she is one.
  4. I don't speak Spanish. Please translate. japanese..... not spanish but why japanese?
  5. He is important.If he,Fel,or Mechazeep leaves,the forums die. Fel's departure will kill the forums? wat
  6. I saw this coming from a mile away, actually. It's clear Microsoft's always cared about money more than their devoted players, Xbox Live Gold proves that by itself. Nintendo's turn to the casual (back when the Wii was announced) actually somewhat surprised me. It might have been because of how much of a failure the GameCube turned out to be, despite it being aimed so much towards hardcore gamers. But with the 3DS coming out, it appears as if Nintendo's finally done making garbage games (even their latest casual games seem somewhat fun, more fun than their previous ones, that's for sure). So, I've forgiven them for abusing my gaming experience this generation. Plus, the DS was a magnificent system. While Nintendo's my favorite, I really think Sony is the most hardcore of the Big 3, at least right now. They might have also jumped on to the motion controller bandwagon, but at least they didn't make as much of a big deal about it as Microsoft and Nintendo did. Plus, I hear theirs actually works, not that I'm going to get it. Now, to end my post, here are some fun facts: THE MORE YOU KNOW. Oh, and one final point. If you bought a 20GB 360 new, and paid $100 for that tumor you stick in the back of it so that you can get a wireless connection, you'd only need one or two yearly subscriptions to Xbox Live Gold before you've paid more for your 360 than it would to buy a 20GB PS3 on its release date, as super-expensive as that price was to some people. I'm done now. Well I need to buy a bloody new monitor because Sony won't support 16:10 scaling (oh wait, forgot it doesn't even have a scaler inside it). While I want one, it would cost like 600 dollars for me.
  7. Is there a point to that person adding anime characters to Still Alive? It strikes me as visually unappealing. its an vocaloid that sings... NOTHING to do with anime, anime is just the style/macot for vocaloids oh okay
  8. Is there a point to that person adding anime characters to Still Alive? It strikes me as visually unappealing.
  9. I got money for Christmas last year and I had so much fun. I bought a bunch of poop that I didn't need and I also bought a few indie games like WoG and Braid. Also, Conker Live and Reloaded.
  10. People should just run around like headless chickens and press X and Y.
  11. Shut your dick, "I-love-Reach-even-though-I-bashed-it-constantly-before-it-came-out". You're one of the worst trolls I've seen. That's ironic because I haven't played it ever again a week after its release. Also the fact that I bash it on forums that are not this forum.
  12. It's because your computer can't handle it hun.
  13. Try waiting 2 years for Starcraft 2, then finding out you can't run it. Try waiting five years for Spore, find out that you can't run it, THEN find out it's mediocre.
  14. Wired is usually MUCH better than wireless, so if your wired connection sucks then your wireless connection will be absolutely abysmal.
  15. Barely any PS3 (or 360) games support 1080p so I don't see why you believe that they're focusing on that.
  16. I honestly want a PS3, but it doesn't support 16:10 scaling soooo
  17. The PS3 doesn't have Super Meat Boy. Automatically inferior.