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  1. All bow before SMB The God of all video games.
  2. The sad part is, with the Red Ring of Death and all, they pretty much already did. People still love them for their cookie cutter shooters, though. They won't ever bother playing Team Fortress 2 or Psychonauts, because those games are weird. I believe that Super Meat Boy is only on Xbox 360 for about a month so until November, Xbox 360 is the best console out right now.
  3. eh i hate to say this but ,M$ is making a big pile of money from games, specially their online system, i don't see them quitting Believe it or not, the Xbox has actually lost Microsoft quite the bit of money. I don't know if they've been able to even out the losses, but they're definitely not swimming in pools of cash right now. On top of everything, look at the Kinect. They've spent 500 million dollars just marketing it. Oh, and they lose money on every Kinect they sell. The only hope they have to make money from it is the $10 they get from each Kinect game sold. Have I mentioned there are 40 million 360s out there? And that 25% of 360 owners claim that they're going to get the Kinect? 10 million Kinects, that means each Kinect owner would have to buy 50 Kinect games just to fulfill marketing costs. And even then, you still have to factor in the extra issues. I doubt the entire 25% of 360 owners will actually buy it like they said they would, especially with the recent news of its insane requirements. From the comments I've read on Joystiq and Kotaku, way less people want it now than before. And for those that do actually buy it, you can safely assume that most of them won't know about the 6 foot-radius (8 for multiplayer) of free space you need in front of your TV just to play it, along with its overall inability to work right, until after they've actually tried using it. Then, out of all the Kinect games people buy, how many will be bought used? The money for used games all goes to GameStop. So, yes, the Xbox could very well be digging itself into a grave right now. Let's just hope there's enough room for the leftover Kinects next to all those ET cartridges. Sony's been losing tons of money pretty much up to this point. Does that mean they're going to retire?
  4. I refuse to play ever again until they add a more solid shade of pink.
  5. This game is the sexiest thing ever. You should all have it.
  6. I'm pretty sure the majority of those people are native to the Halo community but whatever Actually I never saw any of the so-called "whiney little brats" that are the Halo 3 gamers. We must be playing on different servers then.
  7. I'm pretty sure the majority of those people are native to the Halo community but whatever
  8. Infection sucks and it would be a waste of time.
  9. God, I'm already bored to death. What do I do now?
  10. Live and Reloaded looks as good as some of the best looking 360/PS3 games.
  11. The conference will most likely only announce the Japanese release date, mind you.
  12. I'll keep repeating that until you come up with a bad, funny excuse. Oh. I played WoW and my expectations of games were lowered lol. There. Also, pink is a cute color.
  13. I don't know how, but I have Recon. Also, everybody should be pink.
  14. Am I going to alienated from certain playlists because I probably won't buy the DLC like I was in Halo 3?
  15. He's right in a way. Console shooters are definitely in the mainstream and more well known than PC shooters, but a ton of people play PC still. Maybe even more than consoles. You just killed the whole point of your post with your last statement.
  16. Before: "hey guiz im gonna bash r33ch 24/7!!1" After: "omg r33ch is awsom i luv itttttt" I think it's decent. I wouldn't recommend it to anybody though.
  17. It feels like a step down from Halo 3. That doesn't explain why I like it more.
  18. I love how they made Elites sexier (but pretty much phased them away from the game ) and made Spartans uglier.
  19. Finished it. GoTY for sure.