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  1. You must need a lot of variety then. Have you even spent a lot of time with Reach yet or did you jsut assume it was another 'FPS trash' game? As for my opinion on this game: It's a classic in the making. I could see me and my friends playing this for a long time, especially since this is the last Halo game. Can't wait to LAN it up. Soon hopefully. I actually think it's decent. It's definitely NOT a classic though lol. I turned Halo into Sexy Pink Elite Life Simulation III.
  2. Unwound Future's story is great so far. I'm almost finished with it. Srsly, one of the best games of the year.
  3. Starcraft's pretty pro dawg Also, how can I pink up other game types?
  4. DVDs usually don't have the space to be in HD.
  5. It makes sense. Now they actually play differently than Spartans, so of course they won't be allowed in every game type. If you want to be one so badly, just play a game type with them. Elite Slayer, Invasion, Custom Games, etc. or whine to some people who have interest in your pointless statements. I'm all for you voicing your opinion, but when it's something so trivial as hating an entire game for not being able to have your character appear differently, then I find it childish redundant. Now if you're joking or trolling... then whatever. It's obvious you're biased against pink Elites, so I'll just leave you alone.
  6. So apparently I can't be an Elite everywhere. Reach sucks.
  7. If I could tell what the hell is going on in that picture, I would redraw it.
  8. I honestly don't see how much you can improve from that in a year.
  9. I hate Halo too, you don't need to express your opinion about it every 3 posts. It's that time of year.
  10. Just wear a tophat. It will look better than the average generic sci-fi super soldier helmet.
  11. I never realized Nintendogs was revolutionary. Also, it probably has bad reviews because it's not finished yet. Idk.
  12. If Sony worshipped buttons so much, they wouldn't have made Move. Also, in regards to Kinectimals being considered a rip-off of Nintendogs, I just want to point out that Nintendo didn't pioneer virtual pets.
  13. If you call a girl and ask her for Gabe Newell, will she go see Scott Pilgrim vs the World with you tomorrow night?
  14. I didn't know your name was Ian . Yeah, it is. But I didn't post that here, Where'd you find out? Commuinity pac thread? Get the love on Steam.
  16. Noby Noby Boy beats all.
  17. Geez, the PSN owners are so soft.
  18. I'm not gonna lie. This looks pretty brown
  19. That's human bashing. Not genericmediocreFPSthatonlylemmingsplay bashing. Okay, I'm done.
  20. Just for the sake of disagreeing. (But yeah i do see a lot of differences between them) Also i don't see why you want to make people to change their mind towards the game (mainly since you wont be playing with them) or whatever Just saying bro I don't want to lose my friends to another cliche FPS like last year.
  21. I have to disagree my good sir. How could you disagree?
  22. That's not what you said in the Black Ops thread. Because CoD's horrible-ness is big enough for me to notice. On paper, Halo Reach doesn't sound like a lot of fun to me, but I know I am going to have fun with it Umm... They're both pretty similar.