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  1. Lost all my CC data, so fresh start with my characters, normal mode for now, if anyone wants to play add me (I'm sick of all the leavers) Gamertag: SirupyJD
  2. This was a post directly from Dan on the same issue but for another member. Hope it helps. THANKYOU<3
  3. I am currently studying art BTEC in my fianl year at school, and I ahve to pick a particular artist to study. I decided to pick Dan Paladin but I can't find any additional information on the net (such as date of birth, any artistic background), so I was wondering, can you help me out please? Thank you in advance, I hope I hear from you soon
  4. granted, but you have lots more school work I wish for a frisbee
  5. granted, it moves 2 inches away from your current position. I wish for a poster
  6. no because... no I'm the one with the eggs.
  7. granted, you get that picture of it. I wish for some dr pepper
  8. granted, It says I'm awesome. I wish for some paint
  9. how about that green guy from the swamp store? I wish he was in it, he's awesome...
  10. granted but the milk is old and the cookies are made out of concrete. I wish I had some paper
  11. granted but he's invisible. I wish for some styling gel
  12. Im not totally sure, but If you just play fairly and by the rules, you should'nt have to worry about getting banned