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  1. arhggarghragrhhhhahhhhh I MISSED IT. I wanted to watch it but I just totally got sidetracked and forgot all about it. I'll probably watch it online or something tomorrow. It's just a bummer, I was just really looking forward to it. There still putting it on, I'm recording it, because I know i won't be able to watch it all.Good idea btw, I never knew where to watch it online.
  2. I grab the plastic bag and the bag magically suffocates me. I drop a Batarang.
  3. Well looky here mister. Just becuase im a dude that doesnt mean i cant put certain stuff in my signature!(well kinda because of the forum rules)But my point is that its my account and i can put whatever the heck i want in my sig. And starting at the time i find a pic i shall put an anime girl in my sig too so HA. I just realized i didnt care about anything he said. i want five minutes of my life back . Well, you obviously got offended when I clearly wrote."Not to offend anyone".
  4. Kicking a** on Mortal Kombat with Freddy Krueger.
  5. I think Roy is a girl, her signature is an anime girl or what ever it is called. Now if a guy were to do that. I don't know, it wouldn't be right. Not to offend anyone by saying that.
  6. They bribed us with cupcakes. Ask Christine. Not you sushi, I'm talking about Roy and Milkman. Anyway, I wish Chromatic Flame didn't leave.
  7. DBZ Ultimate Tenkaichi looks pretty good. Hope it's not like raging blast 2.
  8. If I knew how to help, I would. But I don't have the same problem. Anyway, Welcome to the forum, even though you've been here for a bit.
  9. I think male, no reason. Just making a guess.
  10. I feel bad, I was watching this show called Degrassi and there was this guy who was getting bullied. Anyway, once that happened I felt bad because he was smart and people would bully him. So one of the bullies became his friend, and he was entering some smart contest and he was doing good. Then 2 guys dropped some I think mustard on him with feathers. Then he felt mad, and this girl who he thought liked him was talking to him. Then he I guess " lunged" at her trying to kiss her, and he thought the girl liked him, but she didn't. So he ended up bringing a gun to his school and shot one of his friends because he heard the 2 guys I said earlier were blaming it on his friend, so he shot his friend. And he tried to shoot the girl who was flirting i guess with him, but some guy saved her and the guy shot himself. I find it sad even though it is acting.
  11. Am I the only one who loves Party Pat?