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  1. MoistTowellete GropingGeoduck Two Fat Llamas
  2. i was in one of those inf ammo maps too. also there is a glitch in ground war where it will bring you to a 18 player team deathmatch on rust with no time limit
  3. FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. srsly a GOW book..... and BERNIE!!!!!????
  5. Teh Will9877


    achievements add something you can do to challenge yourself after you've beat a game -currently trying to get all minikits in lego batman........
  6. brutal legend has a great list of OSTs
  7. graphics are amazing looks like something fallout 3ish
  8. i forgot to add South Park Lets go Tower Defence...........DONT CALL ME A SILLY GOOSE!!
  9. Teh Will9877


    lol.....me too is there a thread about that game?
  10. demo was awesome too SHORT!!!!
  11. i think its gonna be great theyve been working on it for like 4 years P.S. prototype SUCKED!!!!!!
  12. Resident evil 5 Resident evil 4 L4D
  13. metal slug pwnz!!! i have MS3 for xbla i was gonna get Metal Slug Anthology for wii but the controls suck
  14. dang didnt see this thread srry about the dupe oh well......... it seems like they have a thread about everything