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  1. I have every thing to go except a place to sleep while there...
  2. Happy birthday! My favorite Castle Crashers boss is the Sock Puppet Dragon. Clearly he is the most evil since he can bend cloth minions to his will... Or is the Sock really in control and the dragon is the minion?
  3. What the ffffffffart. I have my gold trophy and thought this was insane still! Great job on 1uping difficulty but if this gets picked as a feature there going to be people crying for 2 weeks.
  4. Welcome, to BattleBlock Theater, Now showing Caturday Night performed live. Each showing is recorded live and available for purchase in the gift shop. Brought to you by the director of rent stage sensation, MindBender! Unfortunately due to a print shop error there is no official script so all performers will be ad libing. Auditioning new performers now. Over the top fun can be had on Caturday Night so long as you keep your wits about you and look for the pieces to the puzzles. Gamertag: KMKHunter Playlist: Caturday Night Type: Solo Adventure Comments: Any and all thoughts appreciated. Weither its "Awesome playlist" or "This one part is eating my soul"! I can and will take feedback into account when/if any revisions take place. Note: My goal for this set was challanging but not difficult. Each trick has its own quirks which can make them hard or easy depending on how you come at it. I tried really hard to make it fair and to make sure there was no random troll deaths. Also tried to make everything skill based without the need for having insane luck to make it through. No walls of lasers or invisible block "surprise got ya" moments here. (Edit to come later for further details)
  5. Contact Xbox Live support. They should be able to help you restore your game to full version.
  6. NAT firewall can be a tricky animal. It could be that you have multiple xboxs on the same network. Majority of the routers out there are not able to properly connect multiple xboxs. You need a PAT router for multiple xboxs on the network to start.. Also if you are behind multiple routers or if you have a gateway (router +modem) and add another router you may have invisable NAT errors where connection test says open because the first router is operating correctly but the second router or gateway is NAT blocking and it doesnt report the error because the first router is functioning properly. In my experience you always trouble shoot your network in situations where multiplayer acts funny. Also, you cant compare an xbox having issues by saying your computer or ipad connects without issue, since the xbox is a high horsepower machine and an ipad will connect to anything. If your xbox multiplayer is suffering then fix your network because your internet may be fine but your routing is having issues. Also internet is fallible, dont let someone trick you into beleiving your internet is fine just because a computer can load fine.
  7. There should also be an "exempt from report auto-removal" status that can be triggered. At least 2 catigories of exempt I can think of. Playlists that are in Furbottom's Features which have obviously already been reviewed by staff and playlists that have already been reported, removed, reviewed and reposted. I think the exempt levels should still be put on the review list so staff can double check just in case they missed somthing and the community catches it. But no reason for auto remove when staff should have caught the obviously offensive or what ever content on the first review process. Edit: Also note reporting is for discriminating, explicit or obscene content, foul language, license infringment, illegal advertising and illegal content. Not to "let someone know there is a bug"
  8. Finished the solo adventure. Like the star head. Not planning on playing this playlist again though. It doesnt feel feature worthy. Random deaths. Random placement of hidden blocks without patterning or hints. Some of the timed levels felt like a race to barely get to the end on time. Almost required boomerang usage to get all the gems and actually get the exit on time.
  9. Coop feature appears down again when I try to play with someone.
  11. Great playlist. Added to favorites list! I really liked your creative automated triggers. Trigger panic I think it was called with the rock triggering both buttons really stands out in my memory even a day after trying the playlist.
  12. I think I've seen that message. It was a BBT message saying the game needed to revert to a previous game save (or was it game state?) after starting the game but before the main menu. I didnt pay much attention but I selected yes when I saw it the other day. It was after I played on my gamertag at a friends house and then came home and started the game again. As far as I can tell I didnt lose anything when that happined to me.