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  1. ummm your kind of giving away the ending for the game by the title itself.
  2. Now before anyone read this , i love bememoth and there games, there one of my favourite gaming compaines..however it is time to strike ! with the company now done with battle block theatre, its time for the fans to ``demand`` for them to release a psn version of alien hominid HD! i think with a high enough demand the bemeoth would consider porting this game to the ps3. now of course i dont know how game company work and im not sure if they need some sort of a ``break`` but i think with the release of bbt there agenda shouldnt be that full unless they plan on making a another game right now. so what do you think?
  3. NO i want them to release Alien hominid HD...its the better version imo. COME ON IT RELEASE BEHEMOTH, YOU KNOW YOU LOVE ME!!
  4. i think there should be a fan petition to release Alien hominid HD on other consoles besides the Xbox 360. I use to have an xbox 360 but i had to sell it due to family probs, and i decide to go ps3 with upcoming games like Kingdom hearts. Anyways my point is that alien hominid was an awesome game, i love it to death and would buy again if it was on a ps3. also i got an hd tv and would actually like to see alien hominind in hd. please bemeoth make this happen :`)
  5. i want some new levels to play! that or some new mini game ! dont get wrong new characters are fun, but it gets boring playing the same levels again and again, i wish there was atleast like 5 new levels to play. the kool thing is that dlc could take place inbetween any area of the game or continue after it. I personally want a dlc campaign with a generic grey knight gets resrecuted by the necromancer and making the grey knight turn into the black knight. the castle guys then follow the black knight into an abanodon castle with ghosts and skeletons (and anyhting your imagation can imagine) then you get to the top of the castle and fight of the black knight in a epic clash of castle crasher goodness . then after you beat the dlc you get to unlock the black knight to play as him.
  6. People can only talk about fruit for so long. nu huh what about the commerical for smuckers ;p they deal with fruits All day every day.
  7. Let's have a fair decision here, mkay? Plus we all know Limes will win anyways, they are the superiors to lemons. well what ever fruit wins will move on to the next round and btw send me a message what you want the new fruit battle to be about.
  8. me and reaper want a signature of the king and the necormancer riding on a car (called the spam mobile) this is for both of us so we both will put credit for who ever makes it. thank you.
  9. ok well theres no need for this to be open now so someone lock it.
  10. hey i use the avater but is it possible if you can the put the words the lost necormancer excalty like this one, thanks. OK, it might be hard, but I'll try. ok thanks a million i also gave u credit.
  11. excalty what drunken said. but alot of you people (in different fourms too) complain about pelter and the red dragon and i find pelter usefull not in insane but in normal he can kill one person in one hit. what do you want from the pets. Pelters going angery and summon a billzard that kills everyone noo? all the pets are equal and have there unique ways. some u need some u never need again but i swear most animals have helped me through the game one point at a time.
  12. they would say wheres game 1 and 2 before they find game 3 probalby and in a wild goose chase looking for somthing that hasnt been made. plus as much as i like the name game 3 its gonna be different they stated two times in there videos. nuff said.
  13. ;o opps yah i got that one lol haha ;p forgot anyways what one did you find the hardest?