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  1. Mr Fizhman

    Ninja Special move O.o?

    Nope, when you play Ninjer yourself you do some purple cloud jump.
  2. Mr Fizhman

    Ground collision source code

    Are you serious? o.O Quote from Newgrounds: "Tom Fulp is the founder and King of the Newgrounds Kingdom. Programmer of uber-cool Flash games, and co-owner of the video game company 'The Behemoth'. Additionally, Tom is very handsome."
  3. Mr Fizhman

    Edible wepons

    "Oh no, I need health. *Pressing "eat weapon button"* OH poop I HAD LIGHT SABER EQUIPED!! AAAAAAAARHG AAAAAAAAGAGHH!! *Dead*
  4. Mr Fizhman

    Castlewiki IN PROGRESS!!

    Still need the tab icon. It maybe isn't the most important thing to do, but I never find the site when I am checking the tabs because of this. And I got 10+ tabs up all the time.
  5. Mr Fizhman

    Glork Achievment Help Thread

    Great idea, I am a reall bad button masher too. And my friend that is playing this game too atm don't want to boost the achievements with me he only wants to win all the matches himself. So even when the bots are really bad I can't win because he is.
  6. Mr Fizhman

    the stupidest knight's topic.dlc topic parody

    Eskimoes believe that hell is made of ice.
  7. Mr Fizhman

    OMFG....THis is so lame...

    *Slaps palm into forehead* I take that as a yes.
  8. Mr Fizhman

    OMFG....THis is so lame...

    Is this true?? I hear everyone saying they got this by mistake and if you join someone who got the glitch in arena you will get it too.. etc. Now I can finally play some ranked arena.
  9. Mr Fizhman

    Castlewiki IN PROGRESS!!

    We need a icon on the internet tab. I attached a picture showing where.
  10. Mr Fizhman

    <-Meeting Forum Members->

    I am too afraid of the 256's so I never play online with strangers.
  11. Mr Fizhman

    There is no Chicken Orb in the Animal Orb picture pack?

    I would want a picture of Giraffey.
  12. Mr Fizhman

    Funny Easter Eggs/Happenings in CC

    I always love the bug when you can jump trough the wall at thieves forest.
  13. Mr Fizhman

    Fruit Hurts Necromancer!?

    Maybe you had bad luck and got a Necromancer who was allergic..
  14. Mr Fizhman

    OMFG....THis is so lame...

    This is why I don't play online with random people.. We need a fix for this asap!
  15. Mr Fizhman


    Every other character that is playable are the same size. Well sure, it wouldn't be hard to make a troll a little bit bigger but as some people already have said, we got 28 other characters.