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  1. i love you behemoth thanks for allowing me another chance to claim my precious chicken head ❤
  2. None of these games are even remotely rare.
  3. Well considering all the useful mods are inactive I doubt anything will ever get done here.
  4. FEL

    Would You Rather?

    I'd rather play Terraria. Would you rather have an infinite supply of chocolate cake or chocolate ice cream?
  5. I really like pizza, does that count?
  6. How fat and sickly are you? Ask me about having no friends.
  7. FEL

    The Impossible Lock

    Because it was just another spam thread. Don't worry, we get a lot of those.
  8. FEL

    The Impossible Lock

    So you're saying we should lock a completely innocent thread, with a unique forum game, for no reason whatsoever other than that it was bumped?
  9. I think you forgot something.
  10. Just saying, this is probably too much considering you'll probably only get about 5-7 entries max. (Might change, just a guess.) I stand corrected.
  11. Why the hell do you want a Snivy Because Snivy is good. I already got it though, so kthx No he isn't, this is coming from someone who used him. Same with Serpirior You kidding? Serperior is great. In other news, I just replaced the battery in my Pokemon Blue cartridge and it works like new.
  12. I've been drinking Milk for years, if you know what I mean.
  13. Any black we see isn't true black. Anything that has a reflection and is visible is a light to our eyes. See, if you take a bunch of Crayola markers and mix them all together, you'll get a dark, or black-ish color. That's because it's the pigment that creates a "black". So anything dark we see just has more pigment.
  14. I do use colored text. This is called black my friend, and it IS a color. Regardless of whether you're just trying to bait someone into saying this, black is actually the absence of color.