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  1. I keep hearing mixed reviews about this movie. I have no clue if I want to see it or not. Well, its much better then AvP 1 and 2 (So I've heard) Production and story line wise. Yes! The characters develop better and you can leave saying "That was worth it" or clapping.
  2. Predators:10/10 Just amazing! Avatar the last air bender -1/10 I was such a big fan of the anime and m.night ruined it. He didn't just kill it he tea bagged it after words, leaving it disgraced. They pronounced the names wrong and didn't go into enough detailed for the story! Would have liked it better if they did a movie book 1,2,3etc.
  3. Hmm that's funny considering everyone(review sites) loved the first one because it was so original.
  4. Off topic: Just been looking around and the new interface was a little much and i didn't feel like logging in till now. Kinda weird having new mods and these levels.
  5. I rented borderlands over thanksgiving break(5 days exact(including weekends) and beat the story and a chunk of the side missions. It got stale and boring, but for about the first 40 or so hours it was pretty enjoyable. I would say rent it and beat it over your winter break. But be warned,the story's really no story, its only their to keep you going(to get you to keep playing the game.) The funs found in the game-play itself and theirs no reward or satisfaction from the ending at all.(just more confusion. The dlc(soon to be dlc's) weren't out then(obviously), so i cant common on how many hours of game-play it(soon to be they) add on. Oh and i almost forgot to mention the co-op, that's the real selling point, going in to an experience as lush and unique as borderlands is even better with a pal right their besides you./my 2 cents(This is my opinion and is open to all and any criticism) I am going to save my money for bio-shock 2(Feb.9/2010) and/or FFXIII(march.9/2010).I haven't made up my mind on which one im getting and i might even get both. It all depends on how much bang im getting for my money.
  6. Which one are you more excited for and why?
  7. Since its not just to play friendly's, its also to discuss street fighter in general. So i think its fine here as long as is not restricted to one topic.
  8. Any one here play street fighter 4? If so hit me up for some friendly's, GT in sig.Also what do you guys think about the online and sagat being over powered? Last but not least, what do you think of SSFIV?
  9. Not good for the behemoth to put it on the ps3. If i remember correct, it costs the company whos releasing dlc money every time said dlc is downloaded.Where it doesn't on the 360.
  10. except his, which were fake and made in china
  11. Well, I'm gonna have to agree with OP here Fun thread....3?!?!?!
  12. ...You know you could have posted that in my thread...