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  1. I'm with Fel on this one. I do enjoy the show, much like Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and the occasional episode of Power Puff Girls, but sometimes I worry about those who call themselves "fans". There's a reason why I don't have Rainbow Dash as my profile pic, or obsessively say "20 % Cooler." Some people don't like the show, some downright hate it; why the hell should I bother them about it then?
  2. Didn't make it in, but you still want other people to read your stories? Do you want to get something out of losing, other than that mildly disappointed feel in your gut? Come to The Rejected, where we are all brothers in failure!
  3. So, you've made a short story for the Castle Crasher Fan-Fic contest. You put a whole buncha love, soul and wit into it. Yet, you didn't win. WHAAAAT?! Rejection, no matter how little you care, always stings a little. But, that doesn't mean that it has to be a bad thing! Not all, quite the opposite in fact. Whiles you didn't win, you can still learn from it. So take out that surgery kit you have somewhere in the basement, take out that scalpel and shovel, and start digging. Find out what you did wrong. We learn best from our failures, am I right? So step on up! Boldly share your failures with the world! I'll start. The Story: https://docs.google....4YTvJIYDKg/edit What I did wrong: Well, the most obvious thing I did wrong was ignoring the theme of the contest, an origin story. I just got so excited when I came up with the idea, that I rushed to the keyboard and started typing/slamming, not really caring all that much about what the rules were. Another thing I've thought about is the length. 550 words is nota lot to work with, and that kinda reflects badly in the story. The text could easily do with another 500, or a thousand, and it would be better. That's the hard thing when you have constraints like this, I think, you can't just rush into it and hope for the best. Which is, well, what I did. TL:DR Post your stories and talk about why they weren't good enough.
  4. Didn't make it. Oh well. Anywho, let's see what we got... I think I'm going for Jason as well.
  5. I started working on "Wrath of the Bubble Rally", but then I got frustrated with my mouse and paint and life and everything Here is a glimpse at what could have been great: http://imgur.com/CBDSK
  6. Oh dear. That's not a lot. ... Challenge Accepted.
  7. >Crawl You blindly stumble towards... something. You find it eventually, head first. As you fall backwards, a large lump forms on your head, it hurts quite a bit. Your hands go against the thing that you have bumped into, and your worst fears are confirmed. It is most certainly a wall.
  8. >Walk You attempt to stand up, but the terrible headache knocks you down again. Crawling perhaps? Also, specify a destination.
  9. You find yourself in a dark room. It smells oddly of pancakes and... fried sausages? You have a splitting headache. You attempt to stand up, only to keel over as the headache slams you yet again. Now onto your knees, you feel the hard carpet on your fingertips. You have always hated the rug, but it was a gift from your previous girlfriend. You had decided to place it in his least used room, the kitchen. This was a poor choice however, as you frequently make a mess. The once soft, lush carpet now had a thick crust of various kinds of food stuff that had been collected over the years. You are currently wearing a rain-jacket and a pair of yellow rubber boots. What are you going to do? Commands: Walk Look Take Talk Use
  10. Banned because I am a power-hungry mod that has a itchy banhammer-trigger.
  11. WHAT?!!! WHY HAVE I NOT BEEN INFORMED OF THIS? There hasn't been a blog post on their site for allmost exactly a year Still, good to know. I rayman 2, it was one of those "child-hood defining games"
  12. I'm going to go straight to the point. Do you own any of the potato sack games? If you do, WE NEED YOUR HELP! Just by playing any of the potato games will help! http://www.aperturescience.com/glados@home/ So do your part! TOGETHER WE CAN PLAY PORTAL 2 EARLY!