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  1. Let PC players play with XBOX and Playstation players and vice versa. Rocket League has this feature with Playstation and it makes finding a game so much easier with a larger pool of players.
  2. Giraffey

    Bbt Closed Beta Sign Up?

    If chosen, are keys sent out early, or are they sent out during March 24, 2014 to March 31, 2014?
  3. Giraffey

    Best Steam Badge Ever

    Has anyone seen this hilariously epic badge for Steam version of Castle Crashers? ps: please give us more dlc characters for steam
  4. Giraffey

    Steam Dlc Questions / Steam Issues

    Any word on a patch for the online lag issues?
  5. Giraffey

    Castle Crashers Steam Tournament?

    I don't see this happening until the lag issues are ironed out. The PC version has really bad online lag.
  6. Giraffey

    Has Castle Crashers Died Out?

    It's pretty active on the PC (870+ online players the moment of writing this) during normal hours, but once it gets past midnight, it's much harder to find games. I believe the game peaked at 5,000+ people online at once last month during the Steam winter sale!! That is pretty amazing for such an old game, but it has drastically dropped since then.
  7. Giraffey

    Steam Dlc Questions / Steam Issues

    Any word on the next update or a fix for the very bad lag? Text chat?
  8. Giraffey

    DLC Ideas Thread

    A set of all the bosses would be some awesome!
  9. Giraffey

    Steam Dlc Questions / Steam Issues

    There is something really annoying that happens when you play in windowed mode. The cursor keeps focusing itself in the middle of the window when you make a selection with the controller on a menu. I have to move the cursor off screen quite a few times during a session.
  10. Giraffey

    DLC Ideas Thread

  11. Giraffey

    Why Do You Like Castle Crashers?

    Brings back memories of all the great old school side scrollers I use to play as a kid, and it's a great game too.
  12. Giraffey

    Steam Dlc Questions / Steam Issues

    :arrow: Keep up the good work and I'll keep sending you monies every patch.