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  1. Updated!!!!!!!!! Added some games i got recently. Anyone still want to try doing this? i'm pretty busy but i could try to reorganize this if people want to do this
  2. I'm not a huge RE fan but i do enjoy the games. RE:6 instantly caught my attention after i watched the trailer and with the new trailer it's now one of my most anticipated games this year. The story sounds much better than the previous few and the gameplay changes look awesome. Anyway, what are your thoughts? (I used search to check if there already was a topic and found none. If there is one that i couldn't find just give me the link and you can lock this one)
  3. wow this really died out fast :\ i recently bought resident evil 5 to have a fun split-screen game and i'm always up for a good game of versus or mercenaries mode. I have albert wesker s.t.a.r.s. in both of them and i'm pretty good at mercenaries mode if i play with someone who actually helps. I also have gotham city imposters.
  4. I added BlueKnite and his Psn to the list. I'll try to check this every now and if i have time i'll join
  5. someone else might want to take over as i'm pretty busy this next couple weeks and completely forgot about this and in my free time i'm totally absorbed by skyrim... because of stupid glitches i've restarted about 6 times
  6. srry i was away this weekend i forgot about that...
  7. Nah. I was basically just saying Milk, mechazeep, and CHIPMUNK can still post even though they're dead. Anyways, tonight we found JaPanda dead. A pen was lodged into his throat. Upon further inspection, a note was found in the pen with nothing but a big red letter D written on it. Crime scene investigators also found a black hair, which belonged to the victim. The hair has been taking back to the lab, and a PCR will be run on it to compare DNA. Results will be revealed in two days, and so will the killer. You have until 8 P.M. to vote on a hanging. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! i was away and came back and checked here and found i am dead... i will haunt my killer FOREVER
  8. 23 i found it but you aren't any more
  9. i finally have skyrim! one of the funnest games ever!!!!!!!
  10. JaPanda

    Zombie Attack

    A,i- John helps the looter up and thanks him. He thanks John as well. John asks him his name as they run back inside the mall to find the fire is out. He replies that his name is Carter. The group runs out of the pharmacy and looks around. They find a sports equipment shop that is protected by hard glass, a closed up shop that looks perfect but could be the home of obscene horrors and a muffled sound can be heard from within but is too muffled to be understood, a children's play area, and a food court that could be barricaded but due to the large size if it was broken into chances are it wouldn't be noticed John decides they should enter: A) The sports shop The closed up shop C) The children's play area D) The food court
  11. so sorry guys. my ps3's internet wasn't working so i went back to bed and i woke up to find my sister downloading demos stupid internet
  12. i'll get on 6 am (bangkok, thailand time), saturday which should be 6 pm for most of you. so you might want to check the time difference.