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  1. Aha! Using a trick I learned from batman, I deploy my 'Anti-Shmiggly' spray! I then use Fel's corpse as a bullet in our tank to shoot once again at I crash castles. (Hp remaining 55)
  2. Banned for not buying a Behemoth T-shirt! (unless you did)
  3. I arrive on the scene with my trusty grenade launcher in hand, and knock on the door of the APC. I await the decision of the people inside the APC to decide on whether I may enter or not. Meanwhile I lie prone in order to avoid being spotted by shamblers.
  4. Personally, I only need to get Naughty Naughty, Be like marty, Endure and all firefight acheivments except windward and last exit. Also I think this game's better than Halo 3. Anyone else?
  5. Whilst max is still impaled to the wall, I run up to him and give him a hug. Unbeknownst to him, in my hands is some C4 that I snuck out of the tank. KAH-BOOOM!! Max takes 20 damage! (31 HP) I then renounce all othe alliances, and jump in the tank with Borthwick. I then put on a TV and watch Top Gear.
  6. You're so banned because of using hidden messages!!
  7. THe number of pixels on my screen! IT'S OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!!
  8. Granted but the secret message spells your demise. I wish I was the forgotten knight!
  9. I request to be FelKnight's ally and throw some of my trademark carrot-shaped grenades' into Fel's fridge, causing deadly flying canned drinks to be going everywhere! Tyndras is hit! -20HP (40HP remaining) Also I cook FelKnight a cake, and hope they accept me into their fort. Then I thank Tyndras for my avatar, and stab him in the knee with a thumb tack! Minus 1HP! (39 left)
  10. I use the fire extinguisher to put my fire out, and thenI pick up a ladder and whck max on the back of the head. (Also the ladder is poisoned)
  11. Well I'm not gonna judge until I see it
  12. Granted, but they fill the soup with knives. I wish for a speedboat!
  13. I stab max in the back with my enhanced thumb tack powers, hiting his weak point for MASSIVE DAMAGE
  14. I arrive through an old subway tunnel. I join the adventurers with only a Grenade launcher and some tattered light armour. Promptly I shoot a grenade into a group of three shamblers, kill one and do 5 Damage to the other two. I explain that all my other weapons are out of ammo, but I have plenty for my trusty Grenade Launcher (odly) and am happy to help the others.