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  1. so this was all an intricate plan to claim the 40K post. DAMN YOU. And it was faaaar too easy.
  2. How did we let this happen EDIT: Actually Scaler's was the 40001st post, says so in the top right corner. Thank God. Here's the real winrar!
  3. Thanks, guys. It's good to see you all, too. I completely forgot how to forum haha. Multi Quoting was difficult and messy so I gave up. Anyway! I'm really glad to see familiar members, and new ones as well. I'm glad I decided to come around~
  4. Can I just stumble in here? I mean, it's been since October 2012. My, my. I missed you guys. What have I missed? I don't even know where to start. Hi, hello. How ya doin'? I feel obligated to make this post kind of long because it has been a while--but then I'm like, "they probs don't even remember ya, kid. Give it a rest." Ack. The new layout is so cute. You guys are all so cute. My, how things have changed. But, thank goodness, how things have remained the same. (I would also just like to take this opportunity to apologize for being so unbearable when I was younger. I'm cringing while reading older posts I've made. I was so mean, oh, man. My avatar has never been so fitting.) I'm sowwy.
  5. Seems like he's just trying to be nice. And this seems a bit familiar. So. ______________ Also, I need information on the Sketch blog thingggg if y'all chickadee's were serious about adding me to it )':
  6. It seems like the only explanation I would need is, "It's Kid Goku," and he would just catch on. But no. No, no, no. :c But thanks. I appreciate it. <3
  7. NOPE, NOPE, NOPE. (': And can I just... Rant about something, really quick? Okay. So. I posted a photo on Facebook of this Kid Goku sketch I did at five in the morning, and this kid.. He starts asking a bunch of questions. "Is that Goku or Gohan?" "Which Goku?" "There's like five Kid Goku's come on DBZ fans I swear shame.." "well if you were trying to do the guardian one you did it wrong but if you were trying for the actual kid goku then you did good" "i think you did the guardian one because of his outfit" "you drew it wrong." It irritates me when people are so insensitive towards someone's art or style or whatever. To even post it took a bit of, like, courage, and then to have that sort of reaction? "You drew it wrong"? it upset me. QQBAW
  8. You should totally come here and party. Cookie will be here too. And, y'know, me. The more chill one. If that matters. </3
  9. There is no shame in being covered in cool paint. It attracts females.
  10. Wow, go away, Fel. Also, I think Gotye is Quite the sexy beast.
  11. Get outta here with Your uncool song lyrics, Sir. Nobody likes you.
  12. If she doesn't do her sketch this week, we'll salvage Wednesday for Complicated. I'll talk to Chipmunk about it. omg omg omg omg Okay. <3