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  1. But they were soon killed in the plays and the plan was cancelled
  2. Fail because it is better than american sausage in so many ways (now im hungry ) bologne
  3. Fail bcause potatoes dont rip your head off and blow you to smitherens like the regular cannons Fried Chicken
  4. Your banned for taking breaks
  5. Fail because they are the same as toilet paper just softer and you wipe your nose not your arse Bubble Gum
  6. Banned for gramatically correcting me
  7. Enemy dropped a bow but I didnt know how to pick it up
  8. I enjoyed the King Pack better
  9. I think this should be locked there are like 50 of these threads
  10. The amount of gold I have in Castle Crashers
  11. Your Banned for ending the chain of Computer Errors
  12. Fails because it has a high tendency to over cook and otherwise burn your food Air Vents
  13. Fail Because it makes you want to puke Carpet
  14. Your Banned for now confuising me /:SYSTEM ERROR:/