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  1. The VS game being SvC Chaos, which plays almost nothing like MvC. And yeah, there are characters in the backgrounds which are also playable. X-Men vs Street Fighter Charlie was in the background of one of the stages, and when you picked him, Blanka took his place. Yeah, it's entirely possible. If Red Arremer is picked, then he should incorperate the crests that he used in Demon's Crest. Also you could play as him in Demon's Crest. Fun game. INDEED
  2. DLC Characters will be great if they are not simply "unlock" codes. I am hoping for the Red Arremer AKA Firebrand, to be playable. He has been in a vs game and is in the GnG stage background.
  3. Surprised no one made this yet... DISCUSS!
  4. IamPi

    Dmc (Reboot)

    Hurm, well at least Capcom is being original any making a main character in DMC WITHOUT white hair.
  5. Well, probably, when is is not selected, she will be the BG but when the BG Bonne is gone They will probably going to do this for Spider-Man (When he is confirmed) since Parker is in the BG of New York.
  7. IamPi

    Kingdom Hearts

    BIRTH BY SLEEP OUT TODAY, HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!! Got my copy and I am playing as Ventus! The command deck is a sweet way to mix up the fighting, also easier to cast spells (i.e. Aero). Maxing out deck skills lead to big bonuses and permanent skills. You choose which Character to play as after a long bit of tutorial and cutscene. I recommend you data install the most you can, the load is pretty unbearable. ALSO NO MP, SPELLS ANS SKILLS recharge in like 3 seconds! ShotLock is also unique but never really use it. And did not use the D-Link yet. DISCUSS (again!)
  8. TOMORROW FOR THE 360! I'm calling this game the secret sixth Summer of Arcade Title of secrecy.
  9. MvC sure is revealing all the newcomers, but what about the good ol' vets? Hopefully at TGS they will show some Ghouls n' Ghosts action hopefully...
  10. Satanic Goomba watch out, AVG told me a threat was blocked from clicking that link. usethespade what are you REALLY trying to do??? A virus plant perhaps?
  11. Marvel vs. Capcom vs. Namco vs. Nintendo vs. Tatsunoko vs. Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe vs. Square Enix vs. Konami vs. Atlus vs. Sega vs. The Behemoth
  12. Sorry for the double post, but tomorrow get your 1200 ms points for the greatest summer of arcade title!