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  1. That's cool, and pretty good using a mouse. I like the simplicity of it, but one thing you could do it shade the eyes unless you're going for that simple vector look. Keep it comin, and you should probably get a tablet, wouldn't wanna waste your potential and that of Adobe Illustrator XD
  2. Good luck I can assure you that if you like art of any form and want to start making it you'll get good at it if you try.
  3. I thank both of you. And iArt if your sig and avatar are made by you it looks like you're already pretty artistic.
  4. I am into making abstract (well, not completely, it's a ton of random shapes/creatures/buildings/people silhouettes/etc with a ton of color). Everyone said it was really cool, so I decided to make a DeviantART page to submit it to: .To those of you who already had my DeviantART, I made a new one cause I didn't like the name or my old art. Here's some of the best: ... miles&qo=3 (New!) ... -205687079
  5. Well my games aren't made with flash so I don't think I can upload them to newgrounds.
  6. Thanks That means a lot, I love your music.
  7. I'm currently working on a castle defense style game, where you create defenses and upgrade your base to fend off the oncoming enemies. It's called ROFLgame, and the current playable version is located at . Here's some screenshots: Please tell me what you think.
  8. I already commented on it on NG, but I'll say it here, awesome work! You really got a good song there, and I hope it makes it into the game.
  9. You don't know how much more this explanation alone made me want to play the game. AHHHH it needs to come out!
  10. Try using game maker. Pretty simple stuff, and I could see it coding a game this big. Cool ideas, I like your creativity
  11. Lol this reminds me of playing SW: KOTR when I was 8 and not being able to get very far on my own. Show off.
  12. I'm pretty sure it's C++ (Could be C, or some completely other thing, not 100% sure).
  13. This is pretty awesome, aside from the fact you spammed this a bunch of times. Other than that it was cool and pretty funny that you put so much emphasis and "emotion" into singing about castle crashers ROFL.