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  1. You get a crit rocket. I insert walrus patties.
  2. You get a werewolf that kills you (overusing smileys ). I insert my knowledge.
  3. FAT KITTY. C: Basically, and she barfs everywhere around the house .
  4. And while you were distracted, I won the game .
  5. I think you got the title wrong. It should be "Who has one the game". But I don't know why you put C for Christian there .
  6. Oh sorry, I didn't bother reading the post. And btw, I won.
  7. I haven't last so hard since... the last time somebody thought they won. I am the winner. This argument is now done. Yeah, done with me winning .
  8. This argument bores me. Let's just settle that I won.
  9. English cops: Grammar =/= spelling Yeah, baby. Didn't see that one coming. *gasp*! I've failed myself yet again. But wait there might be hope... *ding*! And there goes the edit.
  10. Ok now, back on topic. Where were we again? Oh yeah, I won the game.
  11. I won before you all lost. Oh yeah, well I won before these forums even existed. I won before the internet existed.
  12. There are 9 insects I could do without in the world... one of which is mosquitoes.
  13. Yeah the co-op was a huge let down, you just played as a useless default character .
  14. Banned for obsessing about apple pie (yes, I did translate that ).
  15. That's interesting, but what's more interesting is that I won.
  16. For me it would be saving a film of my failure . But yeah, I'm tired of watching people putting video game videos with a bad camera in front of a screen.
  17. Granted, but you reincarnate into another life. I wish I had an endless amount of Ben & Jerry's ice cream.
  18. Can I get a 50x50 moose icon?
  19. Granted, but your chicken wings fail, and you fall to a painful death. I wish all the good shows weren't cancelled.
  20. Banned for having nothing as your picture or sig.