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  1. I have a great friend of mine who does awesome musics. I was pushing him to submit some of his pieces on newgrounds but we the site always tricked us out, I don't know how but he subbmited lotsa music and only one did got out, and none was stolen and such so they wasn't banned. Anyway finally some relief to submit some of his great themes. I hope I can drive his attention to this.
  2. I'm 21 years old till the middle of september.
  3. There are hints they are doing a Defense of the Ancients Game, they hired the creator of the mod and the voice actor of Duke Nukem said on Twitter he was doing voices for it. I guess there will be a Half Life Ep 3 or Half Life 3, more likely something really big on this topic since they said they were working on the sequel right after they finished Ep 2. The 3rd thing could be anything from the wide spectrum of Valve games started with something for Team Fortress or Left 4 Dead or Counter Strike.
  4. Thanks, unfortunatelly i don't have the specs for continuing this on my pc, but if I'dget a chance to improove on tools I'd go for it.
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    Why not Midway vs. Capcom then? We could include Torque from The Suffering then. The Behemoth vs. Capcom Presented in Dan's killing art.
  6. Bloodgrey

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    WWE vs. Capcom I mean just imagine it. The Undertaker vs. Ryu
  7. Hi Guys Long time no see. I was busy, doin' mah comics, actually I'm trying to put together a release right now in a few weeks so I'm still in a rush. But I felt I have to post this for you. In my country there is a kind of folk festival every spring, called Buso walking. Some information about the Buso's at the link. There. So I was doing a sketch, asked a friend to ink it, and Mabelma colored the whole stuff, these are 4 Buso characters Castle Crashers style, I was all for doing a separate expansion based on my folk stuff, but I have no coding skills and I don't have such friends to help me so here I post out a concept art, what is left of the whole idea, I'm proud of this collaboration so here you go, Hope you like it.
  8. Well if the others agree to they could be re designed.
  9. Rescue Dream Team The game is a platformer, puzzle mixture, it's like the old NES game Lost Vikings. You control 4 members of a rescue team. Each of them has different powers, advantages and dissadvantages, a martial artist, a long range shooter, a defender and a Medic. The team's main goal to get into kids dreams and rescue them, because they are hostages of the creatures of their dreams and they cannot wake up, however you can only finish the stages if you get all 4 members of the team to the end of the stage, basically you can control only one at the time but you can switch. You have to get through the dreamlands and save the kids, the story doesn't end there, during the game, more and more black and white characters are showing up revealing the true plot of the game, about a dream thief organization which are feeding themselves with kids dreams and their soul. It's basically a single player game but the team concept would allow co-op and multiplayer, also progressing in the game would unlock more characters. Also there's a power up system, based on elements, which are gaving different type of power ups for the cast of characters. The interesting part is the unlockable characters are the forum members and the stages are based on the concept of their. I already planned the 4 main characters, they have a black uniform with differently colored belts gloves and boots, the martial artist is a Ninja Pirate, his color is blue, the long range shooter is a firefighter with two huge balloon revolvers, his color is yellow, the defender is a ladybug with a gasmask, a dotted Shield, and a black pipe what he sucks the children out of their dreams, his color is red, the medic is a lightbulb headed robot, with a medic gun, shooting healing shots, his color is green. The team currently count me, Mabelma, DRAKEN KORIN404, and CastleCrashingGuru. We are taking the artist part but anybody could join and help, here is a sketch of the 4 main characters and some details. Top Left: Name: Capt'n Sensei Color: Blue Life: 3 Ability: Martial Artist Special Ability: Stealth, could turn to invisible if he do not move. Special Jump: Walljump Top Right: Name: Revolver Color: Yellow Life: 4 Ability: Shooter Special Ability: Technician, controls all buttons and switches, wehicles and machines. Special Jump: Ground Pound Down Left: Name: Bug Color: Red Life: 2 Ability: Rescuer, sucks the hostages out of the place with his pipe. Special Ability: Defender, Uses his shield for taking enemy attack. Special Jump: Cant jump but could use his shield as parachute, and has 6 wingflaps for hoovering. Down Right: Dr. Tought Color: Green Life: 1 Ability: Medic, shoots healing shots with his medic gun. Special ability: Carrier, could take away fallen team members and objects. Special jump: Pogo stick, could jump trough dangerous obstacles without no harm. So who's in?
  10. I didn't say we wouldn't accept concept art, silly, I have to start somewhere.
  11. I'd like to note that y idea is designed to include other's ideas too, so me Mabelma and DRAKEN KORIN404 are the concept artist, but we ned other skilled people for developing.
  12. I have a fully tought out game concept, and I already recruited Mabelma and DRAKEN KORIN404 as concept artists. If you guys are iterested, Pm me.
  13. Objection! I wasn't even nominated. Well... Considering the popilarity of this, it isn't really a problem.
  14. Whoooa... Misterious. I would want to see this in a game,, nay, also in my game.