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  1. Just wondering for the nice folks who are known as the Behemoth, If you have 2 games out and 1 around the corner all are either XBOX or PS3, with the exception of Alien Hominid on GC and PS2, why bother with a wiiware license. Saying that XBOX and PS3 are just such far ahead of Wii doesn't really make sense because then why do they have a Wii Ware License. If they will only spend time on those two systems then it's really a big slap to the face to everyone with a wii. Thats like saying ok well we will buy three different kinds of smoothies and advertise all 3 then only sell two of them. So the question for the Behemoth staff is do you actually have any plans for a wii ware release?
  2. Thats the oddest thing ive ever heard since "malestar, the elephant"
  3. Ok my favorite GBA game ever was golden sun. They are making a new golden sun for the ds I recomend you get that along with monster ranchers DS. Then other great games Pokemon Platinum Wario Ware (any) Legend of zelda (play phantom hourglass before spirit tracks) And there are a lot of good rpgs out there if you are a fan of those.
  4. granted but you may only talk in stupid puns and you get a really annoying laugh and bad teeth I wish my neighbor was a hippopotimus
  5. I made the hardest ever (yet perfectly legit) game you can make while still being able to complete it (until about level 5)
  6. angry limegreen whales agitate yetis (in) snowcaps a tough one!
  7. a 5th season... ITS THE END OF THE WORLD pokemon has taken over the earth as we know it quick shoot any pokemon merchandise you see in hopes of saving the US
  8. No, I'm pretty sure he is. Anyway, I really loved the wii version. But really? 1 new character? That is all their is? Then again, I never played the SNES version, so it was still quite good. Also, you might want to add that they announced Punch Out!!! 2 for the wii recently. yeah but I would like there to be more detail on the topic... I will report somthing after the e3 convention this year.
  9. Any gamer that considers themselves above casual with a wii system has heard of the conduit. The conduit was the one of the few good online playgames released on the wii but limitations were present in the story( nine levels) and multiplayer...(there wasn't one) well anywways these problems may be fixed in the sequel "conduit 2" the main storyplot is around Atlantis but not much more hasbeen said. The game features multiplayer mode for 4people and a co-op mode called invasion... possibly a nazi-zombies like game. Online and offline will now have classes with perks. Perks include things like ammo belts, robotic legs, and heavy armor. Also things like reverse damage can be added to a gun to heal partners by shooting them. New guns include a new sniper rifle that can shoot through walls and a sheild that takes in bullets and sends them back at higher damage. The game also features classes which will allow diffrent perks and basic features. The game also has Ai vs Ai vs human so that you don't have to play on a team for more then 2 players. Not to mention wi-fi features the ability to have 4 people per consol. So you and three friends can enjoy online play together. The game is set to hit fall of 2010 make sure you get your copy
  10. looks like movement of the player is bad but otherwise it looks great. Thanks
  11. sure someone unveiled raging eagles
  12. The game looks great but I would like a second opinion before I actually buy it. -------------- Things i care about -------------- -does the wii motion plus work as well as they say? - how long is it - does the storyline have a point? Or is it retarded -------------- Things I couldn't honestly care less about -------------- - Graphics ok thats about it.
  13. ---------------------------------------- Past ---------------------------------------- Punch out!! has been around since before the home gaming system was ever invented. It was Originally 6 characters that you would fight for the champion belt where you would take on Mr. sandman. Then it advanced to super punch out!! with only 5 boxers now with all new characters. The final boss was super macho man. This title also had the first obese boxer, Bear huger. Next it traveled to the nes for Mike Tyson's punch-out!! Changing the name from the challenger to little mac. Who was coached by Doc Louis. You fought 10 people obviously with Mike Tyson as the final fighter. Tyson would use uppercuts that would knock you out in one hit. This game also gave the world king hippo for the first time. Then the contract with Tyson ended and they changed out Tyson for Mr. Dream (Mr. sandman) Then along came super-punchout!! on the snes. This bone crushing game contained 16 fighters. With the final boss being the Bruiser brothers. This game did not state if he was little mac or the challenger. The latest edition to the family was punch-out!!(wii) this game was possibly the best boxing game ever made. With good precision controls with the remote and nunchuck complemented by dodging attacks with the wii balance board this is as close as you will ever get to fight in a real boxing match without actualy boxing. This features two new boxers, Disco kid, and for the first time in punch out a nintendo star enters the ring with DK as the ultimate last fighter. This game featured title defense where all the boxers would receive some kind of boost and then re-fight you. After that you would unlock Mac's last stand. In this you would re-fight random opponents (normal then title defense) and then fight DK if you lost 3 times the entire game ends and you must retire and therefore make a new account if you want hopes in winning against DK. How ever exhibition is still available. For all those Nintendo Club platinum members Doc Louis' punch-out was available on wii-ware. You can do three modes. Warm-up then training- then sparring. Each one Doc gets better. This only features Doc and is basically a bonus fight for people who are a huge fan of Nintendo. ----------------------------------------------------- Future? ----------------------------------------------------- YES! ----------------------------------------------------- It was revealed a sequel to punch-out is in progress for the wii. This will mean it will most-likely come out soon because all the systems are getting close to the next new thing. Hopefully this means late 2010 or early 2011 ----------------------------------------------------- Reminder ----------------------------------------------------- If you would like to see a historical break down of your favorite series send me a private message and I will do my best to Say the facts, breakthroughs, and te future, thanks
  14. banned because.... because.... because I said so! Thats why!
  15. I was just wondering, what program (or other thing) does the behemoth use to make there games? Sprites, sound effects, and the actual game itself.