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  1. Thanks a lot! I have 0 intention of ever quitting drawing. I'm slowly getting to place I want to be, step by step.
  2. Ha, thanks. I mainly like to use reds and greens, I find they are easy to blend into other colors.
  3. Just some more experimenting and practice
  4. Theres a few thing that i have no idea how I missed. This fixes that;)
  5. A picture I drew today, gotta keep practicin'.
  6. Thanks, I used a mouse to draw this not a pad.
  7. I decided to try and learn more of Photoshop today, so I drew this tree;)
  8. I really like the style you've used on this, great job!
  9. I took an old drawing of the blue knight and re did it.
  10. Just started to play around with Gimp.
  11. From Dust all over again. Lose all sales cause of to many delays... Screw it not waiting for this any longer... CYA!
  12. Draw poorly done drawings on 10 of the things to do while waiting for Game 3..