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  1. well, before his name was announced everyone called him the crying sugar cube leperchaun, so that is my final answer.end of discussion
  2. sorry to be off topic (sorta), but kelly no longer works at the behemoth
  3. A water arena would be cool, if the people in it were cool. i can see a water arena turning even more people into quitters. you would get the average person, who quits whenever the water arena comes up because of its annoyingness, and the less ordinary people who put the seahorse on their character so that they can dominate in the water arena but then quit whenever it isnt water arena because they have lost the advantage of their usual orb. if people didnt quit, however, that idea would be fantastic. but other than that, i agree. some orbs are just downright useless for 90% of the game
  4. No, i am Completely Perfect in every way. dont doubt me. Heh, Jk, i actually agree with you.
  5. yeah, its rediculous, the only level 35 has the EXACT same stats as a level 15 weapon
  6. PSN has 28, plus the pink knight to make 29. XBLA has 24 plus king, open face grey, necromancer, cult minion, pink, and purple to make 30. if you count the Never Stop Crying dlc (XBLA) and the Legend of the blacksmith (PSN) (both are upcoming unreleased DLC) then you get 31 XBLA characters and 30 PSN characters. I hate to be nit-picky, but I had a very strong urge to correct your mistake
  7. the game gets harder the more people there are, yet he still beat insane mode solo? thats pretty freakin amazing if you ask me
  8. yeah, wait six months for that to build up hype so that the behemoth wants to do it, then another year for them to make the update, then three months for localisation if you dont live in the USA. so in short its a cool idea but theres no way it would happen before 2013, and by then we will probably have an xbox 720, and Castle crashers will be an old last generation game
  9. Falling through the level and the medusa music glitches i've encountered long before the update, but dying with health left sounds new. BTW, i think its great that you get to spend quality time with your kids doing something that is actually fun. my parents never want to do anything interesting!
  10. so there have been a lot of posts about strange weapons, characters/ animal orbs since the title update, so i was wondering if anyone could check the game's coding to see if the Behemoth programmed in another dlc in addition to the Pink/Purple that silly hackers have already gotten for themselves
  11. maybe it was a secret part of the blacksmith dlc, i was wondering why it didnt have a animal orb edit: oh wait nvm
  12. Intriguing. What say you, community? Leaked secret or Fake? i vote fake because Behemoth doesnt keep secrets, if there was a new addon, they'd tell us
  13. why is everyone hatin' on snow world? its the easiest imo. lava world is hardest, followed by full moon. on insane its the wizard castle
  14. Hell yes. it would be so easy to add considering all the levels are just different blocks, and it would extend replay value considerably, especially if the Behemoth's favorite creations made by fans could be added as multiplayer maps like what Bungie does with halo's Forge Oh, and happy Bungie day everyone