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  1. Hahahaha still drawing stuff for people?
  2. To tell you the truth I only watched Foster Homes for the amazing backgrounds and prop art. To me the show was a masterpiece in the art department everything else kinda sucked, most of the characters were just there without much character background and that annoyed me.
  3. Total Drama Island was interesting, not amazing I watched from time to time but in my opinion it was the starting point of CN great content decline.
  4. God!!!! They just can't find anything else to make illegal. Sooner or later breathing will be illegal too.
  5. Grrr...those Canadian shows......I....I just don't have faith in them anymore. Trying to pass of crappy adobe flash as animation. Using horrible canned sound effects and ques that go off with every action the character does. Its all terrible. Every time a character moves they use that horrible whip crack sound we really need that or is it just to late to stop at this point? *sigh* @Cory Yeah, 2 AM was hilarious. Now that you say Canadian shows I think CN started it's decline when they decided to air Total Drama Island.
  6. I've had teenage kids beat the **** outta eachother just on our driveway ... Who won?
  7. It was canceled for MAD I think. That's not really true, the artist of the show decided to finish the show just like he did with chowder and he does this thing that once he finishes he leaves the show on air for a five months and then asks Cartoon Network to get it off the show. I like Adventure Time but I need my new episodes I can stand so much Finn without killing myself, same thing with Regular Show, Problem Solvers is interesting, not fun, just interesting. The Mad show has some funny segments out of like 10 shorts 3-4 are actually good.
  8. I wouldn't be afraid of that really cause the government you can sue a bunch of hackers you can't.
  9. I heard they recently hacked the Brink website and were demanding they added a top hat to the game but I'm really not sure if it was before that announcement or after either way I have a deep fear of clicking a link to their website/twitter. They will destroy me!
  10. Welcome back... again. "'Murica" is a joke based on the death of Osama Bin Laden and how the American public reacted. Ohhhh, I have my own little conspiracy about that. I bet he's not death, he's sitting somewhere in Cuba with Tupac, jajajaja
  11. Hey gentleman and gentleladies. What's a Murica? How's everyone, I back for like the 20th time, hopefully this time I'll stay for good.
  12. Jajajaja, this is amazing. Great work with the portrait. Also he has always had a mustache but it hides inside his skin during the day;)
  13. I never saw the original serie made by Joe Murray but I did see the Camp Lazlo serie he did after Rocko and I've been following closely is Kaboing TV project and te Frog In A Suit Internet serie I'll premiere there. Besides Netflix and all that mombo-jumbo where can I buy some DVDs of Rocko?
  14. I like this name. Wait a minute, someone check birds of a feather for whether or not Sushi signed that promise!? Jajajaja, if he didn't I did and I'm working with Barco Boat, does that count for anything?
  15. I have no idea of what you guys are talking about but for fear I suggest Dawn Of The Dead any of the adaptions but Schinder one for me is the best.