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  1. last time i tried to play it ask me to log to post my score in the leaderboard. ha well i'm going to verify later, thanks
  2. YES i used the search button but i suck at searching...anyway do we really need to connect to the PSN to play castle crashers? like if i want to go on a vacation to my grand-mother's house and she don't have internet i won't be able to play castle crashers? it always ask me to connect or is there a way?
  3. yeah but make sure that when you complete a stage that you or your friend is not dead or you'll need to do it again
  4. insane mode i just past from lvl 30 to lvl 54 just by trying to beat that black fuzzy thing boss before the catfish lvl haha easy leveling fail... (no magic)
  5. ok thanks for the help but i played 2 level only online and i just beat the boss again and i got my trophy and i think it gave me what i wanted (im watching the ending credit now) thanks
  6. hello guys, i have a problem. i played the blue knight and went to the necromancer then i died so i went online to get some help when joining a game and i completed the game beating the necromancer and the last boss but no grey skull or unlock. did i made something wrong? do i need to do the arenas? so please help me someone (i'm playing on the PS3)
  7. why is there hacker already... i hate that
  8. the countdown says 1 hour =D so it's going to be out in 1 hour!!!!! maybe i still think it's going to be at 6pm... but i hope for the 1 hour!
  9. now let's all enjoy the remaining 18h =3
  10. i hope you guys don't think it's going to be out at 12.... it wont be out before 6pm or 3pm depending on your timezone because they need to update the PSN and they don't do it at midnight so yeah you can go to sleep i think
  11. release in about 12 hour or 13. (not about the countdown but with the psn update)
  12. can be 6h pm or 3h pm depending on your timezone but there's already some thread about it i think.
  13. yhea they should have put the site to the psn update