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  1. *sigh* so yeah this is my last post and what not and i know most of you dont care so yeah. If in any case you want me im here now: http://xboxtf2lobby.proboards.com/index.cgi and yeah thats it. edit: oh yeah feel free to go on a rant about how this is stupid and what not and if you dont like it
  2. add me on steam if anyone wants to play spiral knight: Mniu
  3. "Dem $200 bullets ain't so hot when they don't hit nothin', are dey?" -scout
  4. Here's a little secret... why in spoiler?
  5. well this stared of pretty negative
  6. Wha? When? I know that Microsoft owns skype, but when did steam get involved? They'd only do it if Microsoft OK's it. Otherwise Steam won't come to Xbox. yeah valve is really trying to get Microsoft to support steam (which is stupid because it will gain revenue for both so yeah)
  7. fans of dub-step do what you like post music or anything related to dub-step. have fun
  8. this why i hate activistion
  9. haaa the pendleton wards odd ideas are always awesome u mad finn bro?
  10. You might wanna fix that, buddy. wow didn't know that could happen sorry. but still funny
  11. when steam gets on xbox 360 shits going down!