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  1. Hey I am just wondering if anyone has BattleField 3 and would like to play and would be nice if you we decent just add me GamerTag: YDGxDIRTYxBITx
  2. No, Most people think BBT looks good I just thought about if BBT looks good or not,Is That Bad?
  3. level skipping really isnt fair in my opinion
  4. banned for not complimenting on his rejection of a compliment
  5. amount of things on this topic that are over 9000
  6. Ok i made an awesome signature and downloaded and saved it to my computer and now how do I upload it to site? REALLY NEED HELP
  7. I don't think any weapons are over or underpowered in my opinion
  8. In words basically Dan P and all the other TB members favor all stations the same not one is more favored
  9. I know what Roy-G-Biv is Roy-G-Biv is a colorful man who lives at the end of the color spectrom
  10. I cant get a picture cant figure it out but looks: Scratchpaw and Burly Bear Skills:Piggy and Pazzo
  11. if this is for castle crashers then by all means I will add you if you can give gamertag for xbox and or add me. GamerTag: YDGxDIRTYxBITx anyone feel free to add me just in the request out a message saying from forums or something so i know
  12. OK i understand now on not using the points