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  1. very odd... what is that armless thing inside that... ummm... tube like thing?
  2. I'll play, i normally don't but i can adjust. message me on LIVE gt is in sig if anyone didn't notice
  3. Sounds lke a good idea, i can't ever seem to find a good xbox live game... a CPD would be helpyl, but u need more ppl to veiw ths topic before we can get anywhere near that...
  4. I agree, the Wii is ok... but i do like the gameplay of the xbox 360 more.... and it would be awsome if they made SSBB for xbox 360..
  5. Wow, i give you a love heart & repay me with poor spelling & an angry tone? srry... not 2 good at spelling... and wasnt an angry tone... more like an I give up tone...
  6. You know wat? just post watever you want i really don't care...
  7. definetally too many ppl taking the game too seriusly, on that note most are under 12...
  8. I don't play gears, but if you would like to play with some of my friends you may message them on LIVE their GTs are RoyalMessenger and Zextrot
  9. and yes i did copy the drawing... not copy and paste, but drew it again myself... now can you please just take this topic seriously???
  10. 1. Thank you 2. not a dupe i've been working on that thing for 2 weeks now... lot of details... 3. its not a castle crasher... just decided 2 put it on here... probally should have put it in the non-behemothy area 4. what do you mean? by my other threads? 5. I'm not a 256... my little brother made this account. I have explained it to kelly and have een trying to explain this to others... can everyone please just ignore me and just post their dawing on this???
  11. anyone need help with vidmasters? message me on LIVE GT: XxTheBehemothxX
  12. the behemoth has made tons of awsme characters, but it's time for you to give them some ideas. Create your characte, your weapon, and a pet if you so choose... I am a space marine/ templar fan... so i decided, why not put 'em togeather? See link below http://i44.tinypic.com/ndack7.jpg
  13. We'll they've donw AH that's kinda futureistic and CC with is more in the past so maybey game 3 is going to be something modern??? or some other rondom thing... cant ever tell with the behemoth staff...