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  1. oh silly Behemoth causing us have theories because all three games take place in the same canonverse
  2. welp I guess it's hard to tiptoe around this topic without digging up spoilers. maybe I should beat the game first XD
  3. sure that are independent and make you work for their affection, when only THEN they want something.
  4. Well ya know probably busy working on "Game 4" or squashing BBT bugs or designing new prisoner heads for Furbottom's
  5. well aliens been known to be around forever. so for the hominid race to appear in desert area of CC wouldn't surprise me. I'm just going by the No Admittance sign and the fact the place been in disrepair for a very long time. I just assume it be 1930s ish because of the mannerism that the narrator speaks ( Like those Old Timey Reel Films ) and how Hatty is dressed. Yes I haven't beaten the game yet but sounds like more implications might be revealed.
  6. I just started the game and I notice on the theater that the place has been shut down. from the style of it (going from the style medieval times of CC and Present Day of AH) I'd would say it would take place somewhere in the 1930s? either that or far into the post apoc future beyond AH o.o
  7. my cat once left a dead mouse in the middle of the living room. Gross but at least it's the thought that counts.
  8. yep I remember the early days of newgrounds Tom would talk about his orange and white cat. I think it's name was Sherbert.
  9. thanks for the reply. I wanted to ask about a minor change in the story that's different from the final verison, do you know somewhere where I can ask privately?
  10. Well with the obvious theme around them in Battleblock Theater, but also to note a couple feline animal orbs in Castle Crashers, A Catfish Boss AND the two giant cats during the arena stages. I can't recall any cats in Alien Hominid but It wouldn't surprise me that they be there too.
  11. I figured what ever disclosure/embargo on it has already been lifted, no worries about leaking anything that we know now..that sort of thing.
  12. I love Behemoth Games, I don't know why I never thought of making a forum account before.