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  1. Yea see thats why the thread says IDEA.
  2. Awww, another one bites the dust...*Cue Weird Al Song* Haha Sorry man.
  3. I think I am done with this forum, I expected to come here and enjoy fun contests and stuff like that, but instead im just talking people and I can do on myspace. Aside from that alot of people are rude anyways. I love behemoth to death but im probably gonna bail very soon.
  4. So Im making a sign for this chick who im talking to...Using a CC skull in it. Looks good so far, ill show you guys when Im done... IN THE OFFICIAL ART THREAD
  5. Oh I wasnt asking to bump a thread, she was asking if you could bump to let people know that someone has posted new art in the thread.
  6. Im sorry can you explain that better? I thought Bumping wasnt really allowed in this forum anyways?
  7. Alright guys FelKnight asked if we were allowed to bump to let everyone know that we have a new piece. Should I just change the thread name to something like The Official art thread! -Felknight new art!,Tryndas new art-