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  1. KaPe

    Favorite Boss

    Mischief Makers <3
  2. I'M NOT TROLLING!!!1111oneoneeleven so, uhm boobs?
  3. Haha it's so amazing. : D It saved my school day. D:
  4. KaPe

    You're banned!

    Banned for watching! D:
  5. Duzoe - Nuttenficken I'll post the yt Link later D: can't find it now
  6. I like the Iceskimo and the Fire Demon most. The Iceskimo ist totally cool and the Demon has the funniest Face ever. xD
  7. Hey, did some post so far and didn't see this thread before. xD So I say just Hi and I like this foums
  8. It was 1 of my first xbox games, and imo it's really great. It has an great atmosphere. If u like a little bit horror with an excelent story packed in an ego shooter, then buy it!
  9. KaPe

    In Due Time

    I Would tell myself: "Don't buy a Wii and get a xbox360 on the release date and train more melee!!!" :'D
  10. I think Dead Space 2 must be in These List. D: from the possible options I choosed Bioshock 2
  11. haha I did the same with my Street fighter Disc xD