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  1. When I go on psn store, I search for games beggining with C, It is not there? WHY?!
  2. Lol, I gave on on Behemoth ages ago. NOW I AM BACK. AND, I got the achievment.
  3. It could be possible, But it will take alot of work. And also, I think the Bethemoth is focusing mostly on BattleBlock Theater. So yeah... It will take awhile before they focus on CC for the PC.
  4. Hello, Today I was playing with my friend in castle crashers. Then when he went home, I went on my account. And guess what? yep! All my items,swords and animal orbs are gone.
  5. Lawl, I hope that Cat Guard is a boss.
  6. Bear is broken, Can you make him 1366 x 768? I would be very glad if you did. I want him on my desktop !
  7. This isn't a character thread, I just wanted to say I was starting again, NOW ADD ME!! Gamertag: ChillyAl
  8. I need the Rubber Handel Sword and Rat Beating Bat.
  9. No more car for you. The hill loves me since I created it.
  10. Sure, Who should I make next?
  11. Yeah ok, I will get started. Done.
  12. Thanks, I was ill, So I drew those. I will try to make more.
  13. New ! Just finished the Undead Cyclops. Here's how I draw them. 1. Get a picture of them. 2. Redraw them. 3. Modify them.