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  1. In Kreative, use the "Contact" link, it sends it to a shared panel. Kreative doesn't require any personally identifiable information, all information entered is choice of the user, and may be removed at any time. ---------------------------------- Not even close , try again. Yes, I have also learned that you cannot read user reports. 1: It doesn't matter what you think, you're a moderator, and you agreed to help all members regardless of personal afflictions. 2: I don't plan on being here any longer, the only reason I joined was to make my judgment on how such a place could be as it is. This is neither a good or bad remark. 3: Perhaps TB shouldn't have fired their best moderator, this one obviously doesn't know what he is doing. For anyone who cares to see, I posted by practice in Off-Topic.
  2. A contract is a legal declaration that is valid in court, hence, by breaking it he is legally allowed to perform any action stated in the contract. In the case of Claykid, who broke it, he took pity on him. I am a different person, and although you cannot wrap your mind around that, I am not here to do anything I was not asked to do.
  3. Since Babbity can have a quoting spree, I suppose out of fairness, I should too. You practically asked to be proved wrong, so I gathered some quotes from Kreative and from chat logs he kept, and posted them. Mods: This is not relaying a message, these are quotes which are completely non-related to messages toward others. Hence, not against the rules.
  4. A moderator passes by a person admitting to being a banned user, and does nothing? Is it laziness or are they siding together?
  5. Kelly makes less money than Comp0 anyways, your argument is flawed.
  6. I talk to Comp0, he is my coworker.It is not my place to defend what is not mine.
  7. I am not a member of Kreative. Of the handful of members there, even 1 of them has more intelligence than the lot of you combined.
  8. @Babbity, Mechazeep, Blobman, and Cookie You are the reason I regard this forum for trolls and terrible grammar, because you 4 make up the bulk of the problem. Now, unless anyone wants to actually learn anything from me, you might as well stop typing.
  9. Perhaps they want to use it to test their own security systems? "Post", not "Name", not "User", not anywhere near it. "Post". Once I see a generous amount of GOOD posts in this forum, I will feel inclined to change my avatar. Currently, most of the stable posts in this forum are filled with terrible grammar, memes, and trolling.
  10. Saying hacking is illegal is like saying guns are illegal, because hacking can harm a system has guns can harm a person. If people want tolearn to hack, I can teach them, what they do with it is their problem.
  11. I got some free time coming up, any specific techniques anyone would like to learn? Remember, I am also good with Web Design, Hacking, and I am okay at Programming(HTML, CSS, JS, and AS), in case anyone would like to learn those too.
  12. I already use the report button. According to a former mod: "The report button has seldom been used outside of raids, though I believe the use has increased lately, from what I can see."
  13. I got Comp0 to start programming the website, should be up soon, he works fast. Mabelma: From what I can see around the forum, you are quite a good artist. Keep at it.