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  1. Here you go, hope you like my quick redesign
  2. This is not a flash game. It's a stand alone aplication, you download it, install it on windows and play it
  3. Hello to all behemoth fans Because I have to graduete soon, i decided to create a game as a final exam. The game that I'm creating is a remake of the flash game known as Crash the Castle, game that uses box2d physics. The game is being created by XNA and Farseer Physic engine. Game is gona be free to download for PC, but I can't create XBOX versions because my country is not supported for indie games, and I don't have XBOX (or I'll be playing the behemoth games all day ). Anyway graphics are inspired by Dan Pladin artwork, and I'm createing all the artwork for the game and do all the programing, so this is a one man project Here's the Video on where I'm at for now: I'll be posting all artwork and progress of the game, more to come ... Mercury
  4. Here's another one: He really does like it
  5. Here's mine dev :
  6. Thanks Mech200 ! Haven't posted for a while now, so here's some bad boy sketch, necromancer : If you like it you can see bigger version and also vote : ... ecromancer Hope you like him guys
  7. Use more than 2 colors, then your colors will pop out and look nice. I created a quick remake of mabelma's design to make a point : Also I created a color charts, look at there RGB values and look how they go from one color to other ... Read some color theory and principles on net ... Hope this will help you guys to improve your artwork and make your game lookin' even better ... Keep going guys
  8. Thanks guys Well I tried to put everything together but that's a lot of action on a small signature so I couldn't put everything in such a small place. This is even big for signature . So I made it a little clearer, here's the lineart : I think it looks better this way If you want to color it, use photoshop or gimp, above the color layer with multiply set. I can't color it, pretty busy right now ... Sorry
  9. Thanks everyone Here you go Alien Hominid Fan Art : If you like it vote here : ... -fan-art-2
  10. BEST FRIENDS : If you like it be sure to vote and comment on: ... st-friends Hope you like it guys
  11. Here's some gray knight artwork, i don't know how I didn't done him before If you like the image, you can look a bigger version and rate it if you like it here : ... ray-knight
  12. Here's another one : THE KING
  13. Here's one from Alien Hominid : For clearer view go to : Also I post artwork on my newgrounds page: Hope I'll start creating some games and animations soon ...