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    ...And being the prisoner #10329.


    ...How about saying...Sexelent too...Because it's funny....


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  1. AHEM, please do not say swag or yolo in the courthyard mister. And he is NOT honey hug, it's fanmade, only so that we actually have a name while waiting ot have a real name, if we ever do.
  2. How about a canon that shoot a slime looking sticky goo that stick prisoner on the floor and you must move the left analog stick right n' left fast to get out of this jail of purple sticky stuff.
  3. I have over a bazilion years, for i am A GOD! I magicly spawned in the univer with my first name:Handsome Edit:Hello there, i am god of handsomeness servant, and he's only 14....
  4. YOU ARE ALL WRONG IT IS IN THE TIME OF "who cares" AND ALL THREE GAMES ARE IN THE SAME YEARS! Castle crasher happened just 1 week before the crash and AH no one knows....
  5. Uh ok, well, that's basically the same... its called most violent player though Ahahah Well when you punch him 1 time YOU DON'T KILL HIM. It's different.
  6. It's not the kills, but the hit by example:You punch someone 2 times and he throw a grenade at you 1 time. You get MVP.
  7. I want a plushe of the handsomeness himself, my hero, my savior! Prisoner #10329
  8. They should sell EXTREMLY special stuff for yarn..But it would cost A LOT of yarn like:150 yarns each.
  9. I'm pretty sure it is the net from the basketball game thing.
  10. #10:Good work prisoner #523....2? #9:Get the best time and i will give you a kiss, because i looove you! #8:Get the golden hat for 10 gems, and a kiss from a very handsome man, me! #7:Oh so thats how souls looks like, fat little ghost with pointy tails. #6:You're doing it wrong, do it right! #5:Time to find some geeems, time to find some geeeems, you need three, of them. #4:Taught him evrething he knows. #3:Here's your painted cardboard medal. #2:Oh was it to hard? Was it- Was it too haard? BLRLRLR! #1:C'mon guys don't let them fight lets be mature about it, FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! In line #5 i used to think it was peepee cadem and not you need three, of them....It make much more sense now!
  11. So i was doing furbottom feature (With my handsome prisoner #10329 like always) then i got an A...And Stamper said: Good work prisoner...523...2... And i was like:...It's 10329... Well. Anyway ...Yeah.