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  1. Its on Steam Lottery you Need a steam account. Just click the link good luck
  2. I will Ive already beat it alone so yeah gamertag: Chaotic PEPSI
  3. i will be doing the same thing for 5 gems gamertag: Chaotic PEPSI
  4. So maybe they all shat themselves to death. It makes sense cuz hatty never moved from his chair... Same with FurBottem (Dun Dun Dun)
  5. UWAAAAA I think this is gonna be the last batch of requests for now. Finals week is coming up and I got a butt ton of projects to finish for school and comics and blech. I'll let you everyone if and when I'm gonna take requests again. Thanks its awesome!!!
  6. This would be awesome especially if they made it for both droid and apple so everyone could have it
  7. acid bubble is like god of all weapons to me it helped me to beat insane mode and everything because you can jump on it
  8. Ok so i posted a few days ago in the thread with an alien hominid request and after reading that post up there saying you haven't played, so to make things easier i will change my request. will you draw me an avatar of one of the cats from BBT with him arms up like when you finish a level in bbt and a big smile Thanks again
  9. yeah my friend said there was a code to get the battlepedia linkwith picture
  10. Can you draw an avatar of alien hominid turning into a werewolf Also I read up there you use "photoshop element 10" where can i get that