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  1. Beta in two weeks. No invite over here yet.. Starting to get nervous..
  2. People are getting their invites? Awe dang..
  3. Great new update today! http://devblog.thebehemoth.com/2013/02/07/whats-in-the-battleblock-theater-beta/ If I might ask, I wonder how many players are available for each mode?
  4. Do I need a gold account now? Or can I purchase it when the beta comes up? I don't feel like spending money on a 3 month right now.
  5. This is it gentlemen. The time we've all been waiting for. News has be scarce but it's finally happening. The Behemoths Game 3 is upon us. From 100% my copy of Alien Hominid on the Gamecube. To my first run on Castle Crashers. Battleblock Theater is looking to be another grand adventure. The beta is here and I know you're all very excited. My hopes to all of you that you get in. I raise my glass to you behemoth. For being one of my main inspirations in the industry. The like's of you, Valve, and Nintendo have pushed me forward into following my dream. Here's hoping I can create something to the inspiring levels of your games. Good luck all, mark your calandars. Also beta thread. Feel free to discuss anything that involves the beta.
  6. So Pax starts tomorrow that's a fact. But what when exactly will this "announcement" be announced. Also post your Pax wishlist. I would say I'm hoping for a release date but who isn't? I'm hoping for a CC steam release date. And maybe an announcement of BBT coming to xbla psn and steam all at once. One can only dream
  7. ...BattleBlock Theater is gonna be on Steam too right?..... Right?.... ;_;
  8. Atleast they didnt announce it a year before development started... Its gonna be a loooong wait for super smash bros 4....
  9. Its been awhile since there was an FAQ update (2/1/10) Is there going to be another one any time soon
  10. I just said I didn't think the game would really go so well. But I guess no one knows what odd means nowdays. Perhaps a collab between a bunch of indie developers to make a smash bros type game. Like how super meat boy had castle crashers and alien hominid. I could see a nice game with like Alien hominid vs meat boy vs splosion man vs steve o3o. I think that would be fun!
  11. I know it hasnt even been comfirmed for ps3 yet. But do you think it would be possible to ever see this on the PC or Steam? Most of my friends are PC gamers that refuse to get consoles (Including xbox because of the subscription fee). And i would really like to play this game with them
  12. I didnt see all the heads i went right to the square head and chose an elvis looking guy .
  13. Haha, sounds awesome . Thanks for the reply
  14. I was just watching the first trailer for battle block when it was originaly called Game 3. And i noticed a game mode that looked like soccer. I'm wondering if this is still a game mode because we havnt really seen any other gameplay of this mode other than that trailer.