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  1. Even though the featured playlists' strawberries are converted to gems, it appears as if strawberry-carrying cats are still present in Furbottom's Featured playlist. When killed, their "loot" is still a strawberry as well, although when picked up, will count towards your gem count for completing the level. Examples from the Strawberry Lake level in the Buckle Ur Pants playlist: No negative effects from this bug as far as I can tell, but figured you guys should know.
  2. When I start up campaign, the connect-four-esqe board that shows how many achievements I've earned is off by one. I have two achievements remaining - Insane Coop Star and Jail Breaker - yet the board only has 27 circles lit out of 30. Not really an annoying or game-breaking bug, but I'd just like to put it to your attention, if it hasn't been already. Anyone else having this issue? [edit] Here's a picture of the issue: