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  1. Mwahahahha Im bored, whats with the avis of Tingle? Havent been on in a while
  2. Care package glitching is very fun..... VERY fun... xD
  3. A. Fool! I AM the Weasel! Q. Who made inflatable pants?
  4. A. Because you throw them at me like their a weapon or something Q. Why dont you wash em before they do!?
  5. A. Your disgusting putrid socks Q. Why do you let them get crusty?
  6. If I'm not mistaken they also made the Donkey Kong Countries on the SNES. JET FORCE GEMINI & GOLDENEYE & Donkey KONG 64 WERE THE BEST!
  7. I say we have another one this Friday night?
  8. i'd say no, a lot of people sign up mostly to read the posts, not to post themselves. But being a member, they have access to more search features. We wouldn't have over 9,000 members anymore... I dont understand your sadness for not having 9k members anymore
  9. Ah man that was a fun night xD . Oh hai im new!